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Helping today’s greatest people create tomorrow’s greatest companies.

About Us

Since 2015, CEIPAL has been raising the bar in the HR software industry, with many of our innovations becoming industry-standard. We are proud to be the first company to put powerful, easy-to-use recruiting & workforce management software into the hands of startups, growing companies, and enterprises alike.

Global Presence

CEIPAL has over 100 employees globally, with Headquarters in Rochester, NY, Research and Development in Hyderabad, India, and a Sales Office in New York City, NY. We work closely with clients to increase productivity and help them achieve their business goals.


CEIPAL’s platforms support over 100,000+ employees, automating and streamlining their work processes every day. CEIPAL is a 360°platform for all business processes, designed to help everyone from employees to CEOs.

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Sameer Penakalapati
Executive Leadership | Entrepreneur

A relentless innovator in the area of advanced technological and business solutions, Sameer is the founder and Investor of CEIPAL, Avani, IIC, ABP, & other successful ventures. Read More

Code Cubit
Code Cubit
Investor | Entrepreneur

With over 25 years of experience as an operating executive, Code has been involved with more than 50 early stage companies as a founder or private investor. Read More


Amar Chadipirala
Amar Chadipirala
Technology Leadership | CEIPAL

Ever forward-thinking, Amar serves as the Product Manager for CEIPAL and continues to shape the company to help it reach its full potential in the HCM market. Read More

Subhash Potturi
Subhash Potturi
Sales Leadership | CEIPAL

Serving as Vice President of Sales and Strategy, Subhash runs CEIPAL’s India office and is helping the company evolve into a global market leader in the HCM solutions space. Read More

Advisory Board Members

Robert J. Duffy
Robert J. Duffy
Rochester Chamber of Commerce CEO

Robert has served as Lieutenant Governor of NY, Mayor of Rochester, and Rochester Chief of Police before becoming the CEO of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Read More

Thomas Bonadio
Thomas Bonadio
Managing Partner/CEO, The Bonadio Group

Founder and Managing Partner of The Bonadio Group, Thomas has been serving commercial companies in the Rochester area for over 40 years. Read More

Terrence Clark
Terrence Clark
CEO, NYNJMSDC | Board Advisor | Speaker

Terrence provides supervision and direction in the areas of public safety, advertising/public relations & capital improvements throughout New York and New Jersey. Read More

Aneel Potluri
President | Indotronix Investors Corp

Serving as president of Indotronix Investors Corp, Aneel has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry in both operational and executive management roles. Read More

Our Focus

At CEIPAL, we're on a mission to make innovative tools that help companies reveal the elusive yet critical connection between HR and performance by uncovering the formula for making and managing their talent. We're dedicated to connecting HR to performance, so that how a company recruits, onboards, and manages its employees actually transforms how it performs.

We're called CEIPAL (aka Cloud Enterprise Information Portal) because we feel it's a powerful metaphor for the challenges that employees face in today's modern work environment. It also represents the fact that our software breaks the rules of our industry. Cloud doesn't fit into a box. Businesses don't fit into a box. CEIPAL certainly doesn't fit into a box.

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