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Empowering today's greatest people to create tomorrow's greatest companies.
CEIPAL has set the standard in Staffing and HR Software
Since 2015, CEIPAL has raised the bar in the HR software industry, with many of our innovations becoming industry-standard. We're the first company to put powerful, yet easy-to-use recruiting & workforce management software in the hands of startups, growing companies, and even enterprises.
100,000+ Employees
CEIPAL supports over 100,000+ employees automate and streamline their work processes everyday. CEIPAL is a 360° platform for all business processes. Helping everyone from Employees to HRs and Accounts to CXOs.
Global Presence
Global Presence
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HQ in Rochester, NY
RND center in Hyderabad, IN
Sales Office, NYC
CEIPAL was founded in 2015 and has over a 100 employees globally. We work closely with our clients and their globally distributed teams to increase productivity and help them acchieve their business goals.
CEIPAL is a secure, scalable cloud-based platform - Automating everything from Recruitment to paperless onbaording to employee information and compliance management.

A focus on what matters

As CEIPAL, we're now on a mission to reveal the elusive yet absolutely critical connection between HR and performance. We're doing this by creating innovative tools that help companies uncover the hidden recipes for making and managing their talent.

We believe that HRs have the most important job during the whole recruiting, onboarding, employee management and offboarding processes. We're dedicated to closing the loop that connects HR to performance so how a company recruits, onboards and manages its employees actually transforms how it performs.

We're called CEIPAL (aka Cloud Enterprise Information Portal) because we feel it's a powerful metaphor for the challenges that employees face to perform in today's modern work environment. It also represents the fact that our software breaks the rules of our industry. Cloud doesn't fit into a box. Businesses don't fit in a box. CEIPAL certainly doesn't fit in a box.

If you want to help the great companies of tomorrow get their start today, join our team, purchase our software, or simply spread the word that CEIPAL helps companies build winning teams.

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