AI-Driven Passive Candidate Sourcing

Instantly grow your talent pool by +70% while doubling diversity & inclusion in hiring with Ceipal’s AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing. 

The Ceipal Impact

Increase Talent Pool By +70%
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Reduce Time to Hire by 60%
Increase Retention Rates by 2.5x

Imagine this: for every position your company has to fill, you have an in-house executive recruiter. These executive recruiters are famous for finding the absolute best candidate—whether that candidate has applied for your opening or is happily employed elsewhere. 

The problem is, executive recruiters are expensive. Most HR departments and staffing firms can’t afford to hire one, let alone spend time sourcing passive candidates. Instead, most recruiters settle for a rushed and inefficient hiring process, which can result in high employee turnover or subpar hires.  

But with today’s advanced technology, finding the best candidates doesn’t require an executive recruiter. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, either. With Ceipal’s AI-Driven Passive Candidate Sourcing, it takes neither.

The Challenge

Lack of Qualified Talent

As many as 75% of applicants are not qualified for the role in question, and on average, only 2% of applicants are invited for an interview. This means that 98% of applicants do not possess the skills and experience needed for success. And unfortunately, recruiters have to learn this the hard way—by sifting through hundreds of resumes for every opening. 

Up to 75% of applicants are not qualified for the job in question.

80% of employee turnovers result from poor hiring decisions.

High Employee Turnover Rates

Adding together recruitment costs, onboarding costs, and opportunity costs, the average cost of a bad hire is $26,000. Getting rid of those bad hires is even more expensive. In fact, in the USA alone, employee turnover is estimated at $1 trillion, with 1 in 5 workers leaving their job every year. Employee turnover can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common one? You guessed it—80% of turnovers occur due to bad hiring decisions.

Poor Network of Talent

Whether you’re a staffing firm acquiring new candidates every day or a business with a referral program, establishing a network of high-quality talent is essential to good hiring. A poor network of talent means settling for a poor hire. But more than that, it also means your employer brand isn’t strong enough to attract high-quality talent. 

Talent networks are essential to finding qualified candidates.

Automate the Candidate Search

The good news is that with artificial intelligence, identifying high-quality talent is an automatic process. In fact, Ceipal’s AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing instantly searches the entire talent market for qualified candidates. 

The AI leverages scientific cognitive models to evaluate candidate suitability and delivers the results straight to your dashboard in a matter of seconds. With AI, recruiters achieve up to a 94% placement rate with a 23% higher employee retention rate. 

Ceipal’s AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing

Expanded Talent Pool

Increase your talent pool by 70%. With AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing, you have direct access to the entire talent market—both passive and active candidates alike. Simply program the AI with your preferred location, skillsets, work experience, and other criteria, and receive hundreds of pre-vetted candidates in a matter of seconds.


Automatic Candidate Ranking

Immediately identify your ideal candidate. Every applicant receives an overall score, based on their suitability for your role. This score is broken down into “cultural alignment” and “technical alignment,” so you can intentionally pursue candidates based on your priorities.

Team Analytics

Data-Driven Candidate Evaluations

Objectively assess your candidates using scientific cognitive models. For every sourced candidate, Ceipal provides a quick insight report. This report details the candidate’s working styles, learning styles, workplace values, and workplace incentives. The report offers tips on how to reach out and engage the candidate, as well as details on how to work effectively with them. These reports are based on a patented cognitive engine, increasing hiring inclusion and diversity by 2x.

Managed Harvesting

Internal Benchmark

Understand the quality of your talent network. If the top 50 applicants for a job opening are sourced from outside your database, you know it’s time to broaden your talent pool. With Ceipal, every potential candidate and resume you view is automatically saved to the system, so you’re constantly expanding your talent network and capturing high-quality candidates.


Verify Through LinkedIn

Ultimately, artificial intelligence is only a tool; it’s humans who make the final hiring decision. For this reason, Ceipal’s AI will provide a link to a candidate’s LinkedIn profile every time it finds a quality applicant. This ensures that recruiters can evaluate and assess candidates for themselves, making informed, intelligent hiring decisions.