Anti-Spam Policy
We do take every action to prevent it
Email validation

We take our anti-spam policy seriously. All email addresses prior to distribution are subject to verification. Our email validation software identifies and removes:

  • Invalid emails from your list to prevent email bounces from ruining your deliverability.
  • Spam traps and known email complainers.
  • Duplicate email addresses.
  • Inactive email addresses.

Your use of Ceipal's website and services is subject to this policy. Please note that, in accordance with the Ceipal Terms of Use, we may change this policy at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with and comply with this policy.

Unsubscribe Link

Email messages sent from Ceipal must contain an "unsubscribe" link that allows subscribers to remove themselves from your email messages. You acknowledge and agree that you will not hide, disable, or remove or attempt to hide, disable, or remove the opt-out link from the email invitation. You will actively manage and process unsubscribe requests received by you, and update your email lists and address books to reflect the unsubscribe requests.

Email Bounce Statistics & Client Restrictions

Ceipal uses industry standard metrics in order to report on how your emails are performing. You can get insights into the number of emails that are valid. How many of them have been delivered, and how many of them have been opened. Opens are a great indicator that your emails are engaging your recipients. This shows that the email is interesting enough to a recipient for them to view. Ceipal strives hard to maintain a 97% delivery rate in most of it's email distribution campaigns. However, the results might vary based on the quality of the email address list, type of content and ISP spam traps of the receivers.

Global Unsubscribe Automatic

A global unsubscribe occurs when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from Ceipal. Ceipal manages this list, so a subscriber's status changes to Unsubscribed on the global list when they globally unsubscribe. None of our clients can email that subscriber, regardless from what send they clicked the unsubscribe link.

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