7 Apps All Recruiters Need in 2019

We are fast approaching the start of another exciting year for the Staffing/Recruitment Industry. So, recruiters, are you ready for 2019?

Time is money, be it 2000, 2018, or 2025.

Time can often feel like the thing we have the least of. While it isn’t possible to physically create more hours in the day, we can call on tech to help us get more done in less time. Of course, there are template responses to this question, use an Applicant Tracking System, automize, ect. But, what else can you do to get that edge and be more productive in the upcoming new year?

You could use other applications to streamline your talent management and improve your sourcing techniques. Check out these apps that can help you maximize your productivity in the limited time that you are given each day.


This app is genius. Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts. It has everything you need for amazing design. Canva is used and loved by millions of people around the globe. Now, make exceptional Job Posts and designs to attract top talent without the help of a designer!


Billed as the ’email-killer’, this app does just that. It feels like a mix between email and WhatsApp and simplifies messaging with colleagues or clients. You can set up different ‘channels’ so teams or projects are kept separate and all of your documents or conversations for individual projects are neatly filed together. The app has the option to enable push notifications, so you’re never out of the loop.


Ploughing time into a task you don’t have the right skills for isn’t productive. Upwork is the world’s largest online workplace, making it faster and easier for you to find and hire talented freelancers from around the globe. The Upwork Messenger App means you can also keep jobs moving while on the go. The app alerts you when jobs have been accepted or declined and makes it easy to keep in touch with your freelancers.


Constantly caught in endless email chains with colleagues and clients trying to find a date for that meeting? Doodle solves this problem, allowing you to get a date in the agenda with just one message, meaning you can spend more time on what matters – growing your business and keeping your clients happy. Simply suggest the possible dates, send to the participants via the app, email, or iMessage, and then let them instantly vote on which options work for them. Doodle does the work, confirming the best date for everyone.


Keeping track of all the business cards you get when meeting new people at trade shows, recruiting events, meetings, seminars, and more can get exhausting and difficult. Enter CamCard, which lets you store all business cards electronically and even lets you exchange e-cards completely paper free. The cloud-based system lets you enter business cards on your phone at an event, and then access them back on your desktop at work. Plus, you can even add photos, notes, or reminders to better associate a person with their business card.


Invites to parties, emails offering discounts on the shopping you haven’t started yet, all of these notifications can be distracting.  Freedom allows you to block the internet and social media altogether, or just specific apps or websites of your choice. You simply select the device and sites, decide how long you want this to be blocked for, and get to work distraction free.


The best ‘to-do list’ app out there. As well as allowing you to manage your own progress, the app allows you to share to-do lists with other users and assign tasks to individuals. This means you can collaborate seamlessly with your team, ensuring they are constantly up to speed and eliminating the need to constantly request progress reports.

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