Small Business Hiring Best Practices

Hiring the best people, aka top talent, will always be a challenge for SMBs when compared to large organizations. Along with the competitive market, a shrinking talent pool means less (and sometimes lesser) options. The difference between continuing to struggle and finally taking that next step towards becoming a thriving business lies in understanding how […]

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SOC 2 Certification – What it Means for Customers

As more business operations take place online and vast amounts of sensitive data are transmitted electronically every day, cybersecurity has become a key consideration for businesses. Digital security breaches are becoming more prevalent, costly, and harmful to those affected, so it may be necessary for businesses to take additional measures to help ensure the security […]

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The 10-point Checklist for Recruiting Exceptional People

After years of searching for and recruiting candidates, I have come up with a checklist that reflects my method for finding exceptional talent. The steps below are a mix of Performance-based Hiring techniques and marketing tips I have picked up throughout my years in industry. Give this checklist a shot on your next search. 1. Prepare a […]

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3 Reasons Your Email & Recruitment Software Should Integrate

In our digital world, today’s staffing and recruitment professionals are reliant on email as their primary source of correspondence with candidates and clients. The challenge for many recruitment agencies is managing all the electronic communication in a central location in a quick, integrated way. To better understand the need, here’s what top managers and professionals […]

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Improve Recruitment & Talent Acquisition with a Centralized System

Process improvement within recruiting and talent acquisition needs more emphasis. One reason this is critical is that the quality of the hiring process directly impacts the success of it by way of the customer experience (applicants, candidates, hiring managers). Secondly, the success of a hiring process directly ties into the very vitality of an organization […]

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The Biggest Influencers on the Future of Recruitment

The most wonderful thing about recruitment is that we get to collaborate, deal, and work with the most intelligent yet complex creations on earth and beyond. So, for anyone looking for something adventurous and intriguing, the recruitment industry is your go-to place. Diversity, artificial intelligence (AI), data insights, and new-age interview processes are going to […]

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How to Attract & Hire Recent Graduates

We all know the benefits of hiring recent grads. They’re cost-effective, eager to work, and impressionable. However, attracting & hiring the best of these candidates might pose a challenge seeing as everyone is after them. Rudimentary recruiting strategies no longer work. Today, most talented and qualified grads are getting offers from multiple companies before they […]

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Tips on Attracting and Retaining Millennial Talent

Millennials have been blamed of ruining certain American staples, with the gamut running from diamonds to department stores. And sure, they have been accused of killing the 9 to 5 work week, however, many employers can look past that, having realized that their education, tech-savviness, and fresh vision can be key to a company’s success. […]

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