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CEIPAL understands that good data drives smart business decisions, which is why we offer enhanced functionality in terms of customization, reports, and management. CEIPAL is more than just an applicant tracking system or human capital management tool, it’s a fully scalable, fully integrated software platform designed to automate your day to day processes while giving you deep, personal insights on all metrics of your company.

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Information sourced from GetApp on 04/26/2019. Click here to see the full CEIPAL vs. JobDiva comparison.

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Asset management is important for any company, but mostly it’s done on spreadsheets or by referencing old receipts or expense reports. With CEIPAL, you get genuine, comprehensive asset management, so you can view the full asset timeline from acquisition to depreciation, as well as who’s purchasing what across teams and the company.


Data is a good thing, it drives a lot of our decision making. However, data becomes irrelevant if it doesn’t tell you what you actually need & want to know. CEIPAL offers extensive customization of all your data, whether it be on:

  • employees,
  • placements,
  • job board productivity, or
  • expenses.

Get greater data flexibility with CEIPAL.

Social Integrations

We understand that attracting and hiring top candidates is tough, which is why CEIPAL makes every effort to help recruiters find the best possible applicants. That’s why CEIPAL integrates with the top social media platforms, to help you get your job post in front of more eyes across more channels. Meet applicants where they’re at with CEIPAL’s social integrations.


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