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October 2020 Integration Partners

With Ceipal, you can use work with the tools you already use. Our diverse ecosystem of partner integrations ensures that all recruitment tools—from job boards to VMS integrations to productivity apps—work seamlessly within our platform. This way, end-to-end recruitment solutions are at your team’s fingertips. 

We are excited to announce a host of new integration partners. You can now work with each of these platforms from within Ceipal. Contact your account manager to learn more.

Productivity App Integrations 

1. Sense. Sense is a leading automation communication & engagement platform built for staffing. Sense’s platform powers the next generation of great staffing companies, empowering recruiters with tools to acquire, retain, and redeploy top talent with features like two-way texting, task automation, and more. 

Feature offerings include: 

  • Automation Journey Builder
  • NPS Pulse 
  • Recruiting Chatbot 
  • Built-In Industry Analytics 
  • 2-Way Texting

Learn more about Ceipal + Sense here.

Background Check Integrations 

1. Crimcheck. Crimcheck’s goal is to simplify the onboarding process for you and your applicants. One of the few companies that can text a link to your applicant to start the screening process, Crimcheck continues to offer innovative solutions to make the applicant onboarding experience easier. Crimcheck is accredited by the PBSA and NMSDC.

Feature offerings include: 

  • Criminal Background Checks 
  • Drug Screening 
  • Employment History 
  • Social Media Checks 
  • I-9 and E-Verify Search

And more! Learn more about Ceipal + Crimcheck here.

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