As an Account Manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate—from fostering client relationships & working with sales & marketing, to managing client communications, writing client reports & more. CEIPAL is the powerful account management platform that will change the way you work.

Relationship Management

Manage existing client contacts

And experience a true relationship management platform.

  • Monitor relationship progression with centralized communications
  • Track & measure successes
  • Identify problems & avoid revenue loss
Relationship Management

Candidate Management

Market your unplaced candidates efficiently

And improve intra-company coordination to employ them.

  • View all open jobs suitable for candidates from multiple job boards
  • Submit bench consultants for jobs across various job boards
  • Allow multiple employees access to submit benched consultants

Placements Dashboard

Record all details of candidates’ placements

And generate comprehensive reports to gauge profitability.

  • Track, record, & review recruiter performance
  • Effectively compare candidate metrics in a clean dashboard presentation
  • Get actionable insights into bill rate, pay rate, net margin, etc.
Placements Dashboard
Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Create fully customizable approval workflows

And set as many approval layers as you need.

  • Employ different workflows for different vacancies
  • Set automated reminders
  • Easily track workflow & job requisition status

Candidate Communication

Maximize candidate communication

And ensure no applicants are lost in the process.

  • Add, review, & manage candidates from several sources
  • Individually or mass contact candidates via job board messaging, email, & SMS
  • Utilize VOIP & video calls for candidate communication
Candidate Communication

Screening & Selection

Simplify the reviewing, interviewing, & hiring process

And make it easier to find—and select—the right candidates.

  • Easily schedule interviews with multiple team members
  • Send automated scheduling notifications to candidates & interviewers
  • Accurately assess candidates with notes/comments
  • Utilize integrated video screening with Skype, SparkHire, & Jobma

Placement Data

View complete candidate information

And see all the details in one clean, actionable view.

  • Review & record candidate performance across various stages
  • Set custom reminders for placements & project end dates
  • View any candidate’s Master Placement Sheet and export for analysis
Placement Data
Client Management

Client Management

View & manage all client details in one place

And save time with a comprehensive one-stop solution.

  • Create multiple points of contact
  • Submit profiles to clients through the platform
  • Configure custom submission templates for individual clients & client contacts

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