As an administrative employee, you spend equal amounts of time managing clients externally and managing employees internally. CEIPAL is the powerful administration platform that will make you more productive in everything you do.

Company Files

Organize & store company documents in a central location

And easily – and quickly – find the information you need.

  • Create directories & ordered sections
  • Share files & folders for seamless collaboration
  • Customize security measures & employee access levels
  • Upload files up to 200 MB
Company Files
Placement Information

Placement Information

Oversee & manage employees’ projects

And easily access all relevant data on one screen.

  • Define internal & external timesheet approval flows
  • Maintain details of sub-contracting placements
  • Set placement expiry notifications based on project end date

Work Authorization Control

Facilitate employee authorization

And maintain compliance with the Employment of Foreign Nationals Policy.

  • Manage work permits & green card processes
  • Set automated expiration reminders
  • Supervise authorizations & applications
  • Assign compliance workflows
  • Save all documents in a central location
Work Authorization Control
Employee Information

Employee Information

Access any information on any employee

And save valuable HR resources & time.

  • Manage work authorization information
  • Track placements & profitability
  • Maintain leaves, expenses, assigned assets, & more

Centralized eBoarding

Unify & streamline the onboarding process

And enable easy tracking of new hire progress.

  • Map system data fields to documents
  • Create new hire paperwork on demand
  • Store candidate information for easy access & auditing
Centralized eBoarding
QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

Let QuickBooks deal with the numbers

And save time by avoiding manual data re-entry.

  • Instantly see expenses, payments, & invoices in the tool
  • Reduce the chance of errors with online expense tracking software
  • Eliminate time spent reconciling books

LCA Management

Oversee employee LCA’s

And ensure all are properly utilized & up to date.

  • Import LCA’s into the system
  • View all LCA’s & set reminders on which are expiring
  • Track LCA usage & see which are tied to H-1B’s
LCA Management
Asset Management

Asset Management

Monitor and evaluate your IT assets

And always know what’s in stock & in use.

  • Track all assets from a single repository
  • Monitor purchases across teams
  • Get a big-picture view of all organizational assets
  • Plan effectively for purchases & avoid losses

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