CEIPAL is designed to give more freedom and flexibility to all your employees, freeing up valuable HR time and resources. Plus, engaged, independent employees are happy employees, so everyone wins.

Employee Engagement

Help employees to help themselves

And let them seek -and find- the information they need.

  • Let employees access company docs, personal information, & more on a dedicated portal
  • Allow employees to resolve issues quickly & independently
  • Permit employees to escalate & set reminders for requests
Employee Engagement
Effortless Leave Management

Effortless Leave Management

Spend less time managing employee leaves

And give them access to manage it themselves.

  • Set automated leave requests & approval reminders
  • Track available & used leaves
  • Benefit from multi-level leave accrual policies

Employee Expenses

Track & manage all expenses in one place

And know where your money is going.

  • Let employees submit expenses easily & quickly
  • Approve multiple expenses simultaneously
  • Define approval flow for employee-submitted expenses
Employee Expenses
Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees

And save HR time by putting them in charge of their requests.

  • Keep track of requests from open to close
  • Promote transparency throughout the organization
  • Automatically assign requests to appropriate users/departments
  • Address queries & concerns from the portal

Workforce Timesheets Management

Easily track billable hours

And better organize – and manage- your financials.

  • Maintain daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets
  • Quickly identify timesheet defaulters & send reminders about submission
  • View all timesheet data on a single screen & make bulk updates when necessary
  • Export all timesheet data for further analysis
Workforce Timesheets Management
Communication Center

Communication Center

Broadcast in an instant

And communicate seamlessly with all employees company-wide.

  • Save time by creating custom templates for recurring communication
  • Eliminate manual entry of recipients
  • Target messages to individuals or groups

Company Files

Organize & store company documents in a central location

And easily – and quickly- find needed information.

  • Create directories & ordered sections
  • Share files & folders for seamless collaboration
  • Customize security measures & employee access levels
  • Upload files up to 200 MB
Company Files
Data Driven Self-Service

Data Driven Self-Service

Use data to drive success

And spot inefficiencies & opportunities hidden in your workforce.

  • Get by-department updates on health & productivity
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses in department turnaround times
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks company-wide & utilize the data to fix them

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