Partners & Clients

Recruitment Vendor Management

Create & oversee all vendor information in one place.

Partners & Clients

Recruitment Client Management

Create, manage, & monitor clients & client activity.

Partners & Clients

Mobile Management

Get client & vendor management information anywhere you are.

Vendor Management

Create & manage vendors in a single module

And monitor activity from one central portal.

  • Increase efficiency by grouping similar vendors
  • Instantly share hotlists to multiple relevant vendors
  • Track all vendor & email activity
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Vendor Management
Client Management

Client Management

View & manage all client details in one place

And save time with a comprehensive one-stop solution.

  • Create multiple points of contact
  • Submit profiles to clients through the platform
  • Configure custom submission templates for individual clients & client contacts
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Mobile Partner Management

Pull up records & contact information of any vendor or client

And know everything you need anywhere, anytime.

  • Create and update clients & vendors
  • Receive push notifications when you are nearby client’s locations
  • Access client & vendor management on the go

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Mobile Partner Management

Recruitment Vendor Management Software

Client Control

Hundreds of clients can be a lot to sort through. Luckily, Ceipal’s Clients module offers superb recruitment vendor management software that makes organizing clients a breeze. Set your client, preferred forms of contact, website, location, and specific company liaison who acts as a representative between you both. Then, set up customized client statuses so you can keep them organized.

Consolidated Communication

You have the ability to add multiple points of contact within each company, which also helps with organization and ensures that everyone who needs to be contacted is included. Then, take multiple companies and merge them together into client groups. This makes communication even easier, so you can contact everyone at the same company at once and/or contact multiple companies who work in similar fields at once.

Vendor Management Made Easy

You can have hundreds of vendors, so having the right recruitment vendor management software can make all the difference. Ceipal ATS lets you create custom views so you can sort through your vendor data in a way that’s actually helpful to your business, by letting you exclude irrelevant data to focus on what’s important.

Quick Insights

With a single click, you can pull up a quick insight panel on the vendor, showing key information about submissions and response rates in both a numeric and visual format as well as average turnaround time and feedback response time. You can also view their open jobs, total hires, as well as any candidates they have in the pipeline or on the bench. And that’s all without leaving the module.