Cloud Portal Integration

Parse résumés gathered from Google Cloud, OneDrive & DropBox.


Integrated Job Board Search

Instantly access résumés from job boards & internal databases.


Résumé Auto Migration

Migrate viewed résumés into the system automatically.

Bulk Résumé Parsing

Parse multiple résumés

And automatically create applicant profiles.

  • Upload documents or copy & paste data to create applicant profiles
  • Parse any résumé with the Windows, Chrome, & Office 365 plug-ins
  • Import résumés from OneDrive, DropBox & Google Cloud platforms
  • Update profiles automatically without creating duplicates
Integrated Job Board Search

Integrated Job Board Search

Cast a wide net

And find the best candidates from various sources.

  • Search for talent by skills, location, keywords, & more
  • Email & text prospects from the platform
  • View & organize aggregated applicant profiles from multiple job boards
  • Save credits through auto-checking for duplicate profiles migrated by other recruiters

Manage Job Boards

Maximize job board usage

And ensure credits are spent efficiently.

  • Save credits through auto-checking for duplicate profiles migrated by other recruiters
  • Ensure continued access through secondary credit sourcing account
  • Control number of résumé views per user
Manage Job Boards
AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing

AI-Powered Candidate Sourcing

Reduce the time recruiters spend reading résumés

And automatically find & contact the most qualified candidates—before your competitors do.

  • Parse résumés & match candidates’ experience & skills with preset or manually selected job requirements
  • Automatically get candidate ranking to highlight well-matched applicants quickly
  • View a Reverse Compatibility Score to see how likely the candidate is to accept the position
  • “Clone” any well-qualified candidate to see others in the system who are a close match

AI Chatbot Assistance

Get a personal assistant to help with candidate selection & scheduling

And simplify the steps recruiters need to take to stay up to date.

  • Ask questions & let AI search across the ATS to give consolidated answers
  • See weekly placements, interviews, hires, & more
  • Schedule interviews as easily as writing a text message
AI Chatbot Assistance

Qualified Candidate Selection

Simplify the interviewing & hiring process

And make it easier to find—and select—the right candidates.

  • Easily schedule interviews with multiple team members
  • Send automated scheduling notifications to candidates & interviewers
  • Accurately assess candidates with notes/comments
  • Utilize integrated video screening with Skype, SparkHire, & Jobma

Applicant Data Security

Ensure compliance with privacy laws

And be confident there won’t be any data leaks.

  • Restrict access to designated IP addresses
  • Provide one-time passwords (OTP) for troubleshooting
  • Encryption of sensitive data during transmission, storage, and backup
  • Request all candidate data be stripped from system(s)
Applicant Data Security
Mobile Applicants

Mobile Applicants

Manage applicant information

And contact applicants more easily than ever.

  • View candidate profiles on the go
  • Contact applicants via phone or SMS
  • Schedule interviews & share candidate profiles
  • Create notes based on candidate correspondance

Oversee Your Applicant Acquisition

Gather More New Applicants

TalentHire’s Applicant module features robust résumé parsing software to help you get the best potential candidates from anywhere on the web. How do we do it? We integrate with more job boards, VMS portals, and productivity apps while leveraging AI-powered candidate sourcing. Our job board master configuration enables you to control what recruiters use which job boards to find candidates as well as control how many credits are allocated to each recruiter.

Make it Personal

AI does the heavy lifting, but TalentHire makes it easy to add personal notes on each candidate. You can see ratings on their skills, notes from recruiters, which job board their information was sourced from, and even their star-based rating. Then, dive into their personal details, work experience, education, employer details, references, and accomplishments to be sure they are the best candidate for you. If they are, you can email jobs to candidates, email candidates to specific jobs, or send completely personalized emails. Templates make your life easier, but sometimes, you need to add a personal touch.

Accomplish More with Robust AI

Start with an overall snapshot of the candidate and quickly see where they stand with CEIPAL’s AI for recruitment native integration. With the click of a button, artificial intelligence will parse résumés and match candidates’ experience and skills with preset or manually selected job requirements, giving you a ranked list of the best potential applicants. The AI also sorts for relevancy, so you can rest assured that you’re seeing candidates who are the most compatible. By removing the most time-consuming part of the hiring workflow, you are able to secure the best candidates before other agencies and improve your time-to-hire.

Worry Less

Have two profiles for the same applicant? Or someone who started a profile they never finished, and then made a new one? You can easily merge the data into one full profile, so your applicant numbers stay accurate. Worried about importing a profile already in your system? TalentHire automatically catches duplicates based on their email, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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