Talent Mapping

Proactively map consultants to multiple jobs to minimize idle bench time.


Talent Pool Management Software

Create, manage, & track all your consultants, all in one place.


Hotlist Publishing

Efficiently send your hotlist of consultants to vendors, clients & contacts.

Manage TalentBench

Maintain comprehensive consultant profiles

And keep track of skills, availability, work authorization, and more.

  • Upload & manage consultant résumés
  • Group candidates based on availability & eligibility
  • Map bench consultants to recruiters
  • Create & customize status workflows
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Market Jobs

Market Jobs

Market your bench consultants efficiently

And improve intra-company coordination to employ them.

  • View all open jobs suitable for candidates from multiple job boards
  • Submit bench consultants for jobs across various job boards
  • Allow multiple employees access to submit bench consultants
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Promote TalentBench

Reduce idle time

And get more consultants working faster than ever.

  • Monitor & track submission statuses
  • Publish your hotlist to vendors, clients, & contacts
  • Track consultant history, status, & ongoing activity
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Mobile Bench

Mobile Bench

Monitor & analyze bench team performance

And gain comprehensive insights to take timely action.

  • Generate detailed, interactive, & intuitive reports
  • Send SMS texts to bench consultants for easy talent management
  • Share with your team from wherever you are
  • Track submissions, interviews, & time on bench

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Talent Pool Management Software for Recruiters

Quick Insights in One Feed

Sometimes you get great candidates, but you just don’t have a position for them. That’s where TalentBench, Ceipal’s talent pool management software, comes it. It helps you keep track of your currently unplaced consultants. You can define various workflows to determine when and how consultants move across the bench to placement and easily see which consultants have been submitted to various vendors. You can even keep track of where they are in the interview process with that specific vendor, view how long they’ve been on the bench, and the number of total placements/rejections they’ve had.


There’s a lot of the process that can be automated too, like setting parameters to turn active consultants into passive one after so many days and/or setting up automatic emails to specific team members or managers related to the parameters.

View It How It Suits You Best

With all the applicants you have, sometimes visualizing your potential workforce can be difficult. Feeds are great, but sometimes they’re endlessly long. Ceipal ATS’s clean dashboard view shows all consultants and the number of interviews had, confirmations achieved, submissions entered, and more. It provides daily, weekly, monthly, or custom graphs to show you workload, submissions, and sales team performance.


Not looking for a dashboard? Then use the reports section. You can view TalentBench reports by workload, interview schedule, confirmations, consultants, job sharing activity, submission status, and others. There are lots of ways to judge the effectiveness of your talent pool management, and our software is here to help make it easier.