The most wonderful thing about recruitment is that we get to collaborate, deal and work with the most intelligent yet complex creations on earth and beyond. So anyone looking out for something adventurous and intriguing, recruitment industry is your go-to place.

Diversity, artificial intelligence (AI), data insights, and new-age interview process are going to be the top trends in the recruitment industry.

Advertising and marketing

When it comes to assessing the importance of ads and marketing for brand promotion, recruitment industry is not far behind and this will soon shake things up for the industry. Marketers have been collecting and analyzing data to get better insights of who their audience is. Jon Bischke says that "one of the ways big data is impacting recruiting is around using social data to identify people who are more likely to be open to new opportunities. [Tools can use] people's online public footprint to help predict when they might be ready to leave an employer and seek a new job." If the recruiters use this data the right way they would be able to find the right candidates. According to a survey by Forbes and Acquia, 64% of respondents strongly agreed that that data-driven marketing is the key to success in this global economy.

As a part of this new marketing trend different choice practices like content marketing, lead generation, branding, are being brought into this traditional talent acquisition frame. Modern advertising uses technology wherein, a person's interests and needs are taken into consideration before displaying an ad on a website has now gained entry into the recruitment industry.

Innovation and Learning:

Innovation is something that can never go out of trend, be it today or 10 years down the line, it can give your business the required advantage. Having a strategy for innovation in your business plan is a must, and that begins by including your employees in the strategy so that you have common goals.

Learning and keeping up with the changing trends and advancements in technology The cloud-based hiring tools enable its users to affordably find, evaluate and organize the cream of the job seeking population. The use of the right combination of new procedures like, psychometric tests, personality tests, group discussions, group exercises, presentations, written reports and case studies, finding the right skilled person is no more a taxing job. Services that enable the entrepreneurs to plan, execute, and measure their strategies to ensure greater success are going to take the lead in this business.

Recruitment driven by sophisticated data analytics

The modern day recruiting dilemma can be done away with using data analytics. According to industry thought leader and professor at San Francisco State University, Dr. John Sullivan, 2017 was "the year of the algorithm". [1] Thus the hiring trends will eventually move away from being intuition, and past practices driven to data driven ones where the consumer transaction data could be used for functional insights. In this competitive era of globalization, it is evident that data driven analysis is crucial to the success of any business, and more so for the recruitment industry.

We will soon be marking an epoch where the world of recruiting would comprise of talent shortages, introduction of newer technologies and data driven approaches. So in order to keep up with the best enterprizes, you need to constantly adapt to and refashion all new and innovative hiring practices. The way we look at innovation may vary, while not being outrageously complex or expensive at the same time taking bold steps is the key to success in any business.