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Our best-in-class recruitment management system supports all essential functions with time-saving and performance-enhancing features, providing your business with improved job marketing tools, higher quality talent acquisition, and deeper business intelligence insights.

Improve Talent Quality

Identify the best candidates with the right skills with the power of AI sourcing.

Rank Candidates

Sort candidates by desirable skills and review the most viable contenders first.

Enhance Engagement

Automate high-volume activities and improve candidate engagement with conversational AI.

Integration of 25+ Job Boards

Ceipal offers diverse integrated job boards, including free and paid options, empowering users to customize their databases. With this range of options, users can select their preferred boards to expand their reach and access diverse talent pools.

Ceipal ensures flexibility and customization, maximizing the chances of finding ideal candidates. Leverage these inclusive job board integrations to unlock comprehensive talent acquisition and growth opportunities.

Integrated Search Functionality

Write a single job description once and post it everywhere with integrated paid and free job boards. Increase overall search functionality with specific integrations.

For example, our integration with Dice IntelliSearch uses proprietary machine learning technology to help recruiters source and engage skilled, relevant candidates in a matter of seconds from their ever-expanding talent pool.

AI-Powered Passive Candidate Sourcing

Tap into the pool of passive candidates who are not actively seeking a new position (which is about 70% of the workforce) to improve overall candidate quality.

Recruiters can source this type of talent right in the platform; the algorithm gains data from public domain sites (like Google and Github) to deliver the highest qualified candidates directly to your dashboard. This sourcing provides recruiters with the best possible candidates available for any position.

AI-Powered Matching & Ranking

Ceipal utilizes AI to quickly identify ideal candidates for a role, instantly sharing them on the recruiter’s dashboard in descending order of compatibility.

It evaluates job requirements, scans multiple job boards for candidates with desired skills, and factors in their likelihood of accepting the position.

Recruiters can also “clone” outstanding candidates to find similar profiles in the database, ranking them based on the closest match.

Managed Resume Harvesting

Ceipal automates resume harvesting, seamlessly searching and downloading applicant profiles into recruiters’ internal databases.

The AI system efficiently manages job board credits and spending, automatically sourcing the most qualified candidates.

This time-saving feature empowers recruiters to focus on engaging with potential hires. They have full control, scheduling harvesting during non-work hours and setting profile limits.

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Two-Way Email

Centralize customer, vendor, applicant, and lead communications in one interface to streamline processes, eliminating redundant data entry across platforms.

Save time, enhance visibility of exchanges in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and improve collaboration.

Make informed decisions efficiently with a comprehensive overview. Embrace a centralized interface for optimized productivity and workflow.

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Chatbot Recruitment

Ceipal’s AI chatbots automate top-of-funnel recruiting by collecting real-time data from multiple platforms. These bots quickly identify and engage candidates, screen applicants, and provide personalized recommendations.

With AI efficiency, Ceipal’s chatbots fast-track talent acquisition, saving time. Embrace this technology for enhanced recruitment and a competitive edge in hiring.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Recruitment in HR

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