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Manage talent acquisition and automation needs for IT, General, and Healthcare staffing with technology that connects ATS, VMS, Workforce Management, and DEI solutions in one powerful platform.
With Ceipal, you can quickly and easily place and manage the right people in the right roles.

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One complete solution

Whether you are in IT, General, or Healthcare staffing, Ceipal provides everything you need in one comprehensive platform so that you can quickly find, hire, and place the best talent.

Automation, powered by AI

Ceipal incorporates smart technology in a meaningful way to improve efficiency and boost talent acquisition effectiveness.

Best-in-class usability

Ceipal created powerful software with intuitive design and dedicated support so organizations always have what they need to hire great talent.


Industry-Leading Talent Solutions

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Powerful Platforms With the Critical Hiring Technology You Need

Recruit better, faster, and smarter with the hiring and talent management technologies healthcare organizations and facilities need in one seamless, user-friendly platform.

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Ceipal’s comprehensive suite of solutions brings together critical hiring technologies in one robust and AI-powered platform for all organizations and types of employment.
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