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Adopt Ceipal’s AI for 90% time savings, 75% cost savings, & end-to-end recruitment solutions.

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Increase your talent network by 70% with AI-driven candidate sourcing

Consistently discover new, quality candidates with Ceipal’s AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing. Not only does the AI more than double your talent pool, it also automatically ranks all candidates based on their technical skills, work experience, and more, delivering the contenders straight to your dashboard. The result? A workforce analytics software that offers a pipeline of top tier candidates waiting for your call.

Screen hundreds of candidates in seconds

Automatically incorporate speed, accuracy, and quality into your applicant screening process. Ceipal’s AI will scan your job requirement and then rank all applicants in seconds. Every resume is parsed and provided so you can compare candidates side by side. You can even filter results based on specific priorities, getting updated recommendations in real time.

workforce analytics software AI candidate screening

Increase retention rates with candidate assessments

Eliminate human bias and identify the best candidate for your position. Ceipal’s AI-driven workforce analytics software incorporates scientific cognitive models that assess candidates’ personality types in addition to their technical skills. These assessments provide in-depth knowledge of candidate behavior, from learning styles to workplace incentives, so you can truly know your candidates before reaching out. 

Never pay for another integration 

At Ceipal, we integrate with all standard job boards, productivity apps, VMSs, and social media platforms at no additional cost. To date, we’ve partnered with +100 key technology platforms. And, if you need a particular integration, just tell us. Our development team releases new features every month, with a 40-day request turnaround.