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Ceipal Helps The Icon Group Hit Hiring Home Runs with a 4x Increase in Candidate Submissions


As a go-to talent supplier, The Icon Group’s business grew exponentially, and with it grew the need to adopt technology to streamline processes. The Icon Group adopted one of the leading local Application Tracking Systems (ATS) in the market to digitize their entire recruitment process. However, within a short span of time, they realized that the basic functionalities provided by their new ATS did not fulfill the expanding needs of their recruiters. 

To address these limitations, TIG set out to find a  solution that would better fit their recruiters’ needs. Ultimately, the company chose Ceipal to transform its entire talent acquisition process. 

The Ceipal Impact

40% Increase in Candidate Talent Pool
75% Increased Productivity
Hassle-free Contracts & Management

The Icon Group’s Challenges

There were a series of challenges that The Icon Group faced with their current ATS, many of which were imperative to be overcome by whatever new system they adopted.

  1. Location Quandary: South Africa comes with its own geographic disparities. With a heavy strain on the job market and unemployment at its peak, the South-African population is saturated with semi-skilled and unskilled workers. 
  1. Unavailability of Established Job Boards: TIG faced a lot of challenges, especially due to a lack of good job boards in South Africa. TIG tried using the available job boards in the market, but they didn’t yield the expected results for finding talent.  
  1. Absence of Updated Candidate Database: Without a candidate database, it was becoming increasingly difficult for TIG recruiters to find candidates for their engineering requirements. The lack of a proper candidate database was creating constant hiccups for TIG to grow in the IT space. 
  1. Finding Qualified Talent: With the tech market still growing significantly, there is a booming demand for certain skills over others. TIG often faced situations where a single candidate was required simultaneously by 3–4 clients. With a highly competitive and complex job market, recruiters at TIG had a lot more jobs than available candidates in the new IT space. 

The Ceipal Solution

“From a product point of view, Ceipal is a no brainer. Having gone through a very long, tedious research process to find the right ATS that could work for us, I know what’s out in the market and Ceipal is just untouchable in that department.”

  1. AI-Candidate Ranking & Matching: By leveraging features like AI-Candidate Ranking and Matching, TIG grew their recruiters’ productivity by 4x. Despite the geographic disparities, with Ceipal, TIG could find candidates in a single platform and were not required to log in to multiple spreadsheets or job boards. 
  1. Career Site Integration: Ceipal’s career site integration enabled The Icon Group to post jobs to the career pages of TIG from Ceipal’s platform. This increased the visibility of their job openings and created an opportunity for TIG to enhance its employer branding. With career site integrations, active job seekers came to TIG effortlessly. 
  1. Ceipal Talent Pool: The “Talent Pool” feature was a game changer for TIG. Whenever a candidate visited the career portal of the organization, the candidate had the option to be a part of the “Talent Community.” By using this feature, TIG was able to capture a candidate’s information for future use, even if they were not eligible for any current openings. Once the candidate information was updated into Ceipal’s ATS, TIG could use the talent pool to access any candidate to fill job openings without having to depend on third-party job boards or databases. 

Results Driven by Passive Candidate Sourcing

The Icon Group has taken full advantage of Ceipal’s passive candidate sourcing tools. TIG made use of the vast talent pool to find candidates to meet their regular requirements. The automated ranking and matching of candidates saved 70% of recruiters’ time and enabled them to focus more on candidate placements. 

“Ceipal’s support is phenomenal.  When we first began using Ceipal, the support team was amazingly patient with us, and they continue to be,” said Faye Emmerson, IT Recruitment Manager at The Icon Group. “That quality of support is something we never received from our previous suppliers.”