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How Managed Staffing Grew During the COVID-19 Downturn by Leveraging Ceipal’s Technology


With over 100 internal employees and numerous Fortune 100 clients, Managed Staffing reliably provides high-quality talent across the US. Like most staffing firms, they rely heavily on their ATS to drive business forward. 

In 2018, they chose Ceipal as their ATS provider. And although they did not know it at the time, this choice would see them through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Ceipal Impact

+10% Increased Submissions
+30% Cost Savings
Adaptive Platform

Managed Staffing’s COVID Challenge

No one could foresee what 2020 would bring: hiring freezes, broken supply chains, and overall economic insecurity. 

“Like everyone, we were initially blindsided by COVID,” said Ray Jaffrey, COO of Managed Staffing. “Our first thought was to make sure our employees were okay. Once that was taken care of, we needed to ask ourselves how we wanted to handle this monumental challenge.” 

Managed Staffing soon discovered their secret weapon – Ceipal. Here are a few of their favorite aspects that helped them face COVID challenges head-on:

  1. Software Configuration. As a staffing firm competing in MSP programs, Managed Staffing needed an ATS that configured exactly to their process to ensure maximum productivity. Some of their requirements included customized reports on KPIs, integrations with their native email provider, and the general format of received job requisitions. 

    Ceipal was able to adapt to meet every one of Managed Staffing’s requirements. “The platform was very open and agile. It did exactly what we wanted on a quick timeline, which was exactly what we wanted,” said Jaffrey.
  2. Functionality. Another value driver for Managed Staffing was Ceipal’s advanced functionality. In particular, Jaffrey mentioned Ceipal’s integrated search. 

    “The integrated search was hugely beneficial,” said Jaffrey. “It enabled my recruiters to search through our own database and all major job boards from within the application. I started seeing a 10% increase in submissions per recruiter after we adopted Ceipal.” 

    He also noted that Ceipal’s VMS integrations boosted productivity. “Before Ceipal, I had a team of 5-7 people who monitored our VMS submissions. Now, that team has become one person who oversees the process, while the other employees are focused on more ROI-generating efforts,” said Jaffrey.
  3. Price. The third reason Managed Staffing adopted Ceipal was price. At $24/seat, Ceipal’s ATS platform was about one-third the price of competing technologies but provided the necessary flexibility and functionality for Managed Staffing to succeed. 

Using Ceipal To Succeed

Leveraging Ceipal’s advanced tech, Managed Staffing actually increased their number of submissions during the COVID-19 crisis, transitioning to the healthcare space and responding to clients’ rapid demand for temperature screeners and other COVID-19 related needs. 

“We’re really looking forward to trying this new AI feature of Ceipal’s,” said Jaffrey. “They’ve been a trusted partner in our recruitment process, and I have confidence this feature will be a huge benefit for our team.” 

As a result, Managed Staffing grew as a firm during COVID-19. Here’s how they did it. 

  1. ATS Ecosystem. Ceipal’s cloud-based ATS, along with its robust recruitment ecosystem, enabled Managed Staffing to seamlessly transition to work-from-home. “Our team didn’t skip a beat,” said Jaffrey. “We didn’t see a slow down in submissions at all.”
  2. Business Intelligence. Because Managed Staffing had never tested a work-from-home model before, the senior management wanted to track submission numbers, interviews, and overall placements closely. Ceipal’s Business Intelligence capabilities were crucial in accomplishing this.
  3. Constant Innovations. Finally, Ceipal’s constant innovation continues to help Jaffrey’s team succeed, even when unprecedented problems arise. For example, Managed Staffing quickly realized that many clients were so desperate for talent that they stopped interviewing candidates. That meant more pressure than ever was on their team to provide candidates that fit with their client’s needs.

    “If a client decides not to interview a candidate, it’s critically important that the candidate we select be a good fit,” said Jaffrey. “Otherwise, we could quickly lose our credibility.”  Ceipal’s AI-Powered People Analytics proved extremely useful to Managed Staffing, providing personality assessments of candidates, and gauging their ‘cultural fit, with each client.

Outstanding Results

Because the transition to WFH was so instant, Managed Staffing was able to keep their recruiters busy and combat the downturn in hiring by expanding to the healthcare industry. Quickly they provided temperature screeners and other COVID-related services to their current clients. And soon, they were branching out to new clients as well. The result? More submissions than their pre-COVID quarters. 

And, thanks to Ceipal Business Intelligence, they were able to keep all of these newfound submissions in line, never losing productivity or failing to serve their clients. “Ceipal’s business intelligence was an enormous help. Logging into the system and immediately seeing an interactive dashboard with up to date information on our KPIs was essential,” said Jaffrey. 

With Ceipal, Managed Staffing was able to increase submissions and reduce expenses during one of the most uncertain times in the recruitment industry. Ceipal’s adaptable and advanced platform was their trusted partner throughout the entire process, with stellar results.