Streamline the credentialing process. Ensure Compliance.

Healthcare Credentialing & Compliance

Healthcare hiring needs to be done right for patient care, safety, and organizational success. Ceipal Healthcare automates critical credentialing tasks to create a compliant and efficient hiring process and to maintain accurate records for healthcare professionals, so they can placed in the right roles quickly.

Credential Verification

Simplify the verification process and avoid potential human errors with Ceipal’s credential verification. Speed up the time-consuming credentialing process, so you can spend less time on manual work and more time on developing and strengthening candidate relationships.

Ceipal’s integration with Nursys enables healthcare staffing and recruiting professionals to verify nursing credentials directly within Ceipal. What’s more, automated reminders alert you of upcoming expirations, so you never miss a deadline.

Compliance Management

Meet all regulatory requirements—federal and stateand ensure providers adhere to all regulatory and organizational compliance requirements; monitor and enforce compliance with labor laws, healthcare regulations, union agreements, and facility policies regarding staffing ratios, licensure, and certifications. You can be confident that Ceipal will keep you compliant for Joint Commission certification.

Document Management

No more managing multiple tabs or missing an expiration date or deadline. Manage all crucial documents, such as licenses and insurance, in one place and track any deadlines or expirations with organized and automated document management. 

Ceipal’s Candidate Portal empowers candidates to upload and submit important paperwork and track progress right in the portal. Credential tracking functionality monitors the expiration dates of licenses, certifications, and other credentials with automated alerts and reminders for renewal. 

Automated Workflow

Our streamlined and efficient workflow provides a better overall experience for everyone. Ceipal simplifies the tedious and time-consuming manual tasks, such as the credentialing processes, with workflow automation.

Automate tasks like application submission, verifications, approval, and skills assessments, to reduce manual errors and increase efficiency. With multiple productivity enhancing tools, like our integration with Relias and Nursys, Ceipal makes your complicated healthcare recruitment work much easier.