Automate manual Tasks. Increase Productivity. Improve Operations.

Healthcare Workflow Optimization

Healthcare staffing and recruiting is complicated, but your workflow doesn’t have to be. Ceipal provides the automation and organization you need to both simplify your daily workflow and ensure accuracy and compliance, so you can focus on placing the best candidates as quickly as possible.

Cost Sheet Configuration

With Ceipal, you can configure the cost sheet for each candidate right within the platform for ultimate efficiency and productivity. Via Ceipal’s integration with the U.S. General Services Administration, healthcare staffing and recruiting professionals can even calculate meals, incidentals, daily lodging rates, and more directly and automatically from Ceipal’s single platform.  Accurately calculate company gross margin without tedious manual labor and enable candidates to approve or negotiate the cost sheet.

Shift Scheduling

Ceipal Healthcare’s Shift Scheduler provides healthcare staffing and recruiting professionals with streamlined views into shifts that require workers. Save time and money by providing transparency into worker schedules, so healthcare staffing and recruiting teams can search for available jobs.

With Ceipal, there’s no need to manage workers through various online calendars and offline notes. Ceipal’s ATS automatically manages scheduling while taking into account efficiency, flexibility, compliance, patient safety, and candidate/employee/talent satisfaction. 

Skills Assessments and Reminders

Ceipal enables clients to configure the specialized skills for candidate self assessments and provides the assessments for around 120 specialities with the option for more depending on clients’ needs.

With our seamless Relias Assessments Integration, clients can initiate the paid assessments with Relias, share with the candidate in Ceipal, and receive the results right in the platform.

To further optimize your operations, we provide configurable reminders through Ceipal Engage for Cost Sheet Approvals, Placements, Pipeline/Submissions, and more.

Critical Integrations

From the job boards you need to automatic background checks, verifications, and skills assessments, Ceipal has the integration to simplify the complicated work of healthcare staffing. 

Ceipal’s integration with Nursys enables healthcare staffing and recruiting professionals to verify nursing credentials directly within Ceipal. Using Ceipal’s integration with Healthcare Staffing Hire, staffing and recruiting professionals can administer, manage, and review required assessments to complete the onboarding process.