Fill faster and efficiently manage operations and hiring costs.

Healthcare recruiting is complicated, but your software shouldn’t be.

Manage every aspect of the talent acquisition, automation, and management process without multiple logins or tabs or complex workflows. Top talent won’t wait for you—recruit better, faster, and smarter with Ceipal Healthcare.


Use powerful technology to find and retain the best talent.

Traditional recruiting methods can’t meet today’s demand for healthcare workers.

You need an efficient recruiting process to quickly find and place healthcare workers before they turn to someone else. 

  • Integrated job boards lets you post once and auto-source candidates from many locations at once, delivering top talent right to your one system.
  • Artificial intelligence locates talent based on a variety of criteria, including job title, experience level, and specific skills.
  • Build a talent container that helps you communicate effectively for a better candidate experience.


Use a smarter, automated workflow to boost productivity.

Don’t just streamline your workflow, minimize it. Don’t spend your time switching from tab to tab and system to system. Cut down on steps and manage all processes, as well as suppliers, contingent workers, and direct hires in one platform to save time and money.

  • Ceipal Healthcare is one platform, not multiple products, that reduces recruitment and hiring costs and increases overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Built-in VMS provides total oversight of suppliers and contingent workforce.
  • Cost sheets, credentialing and licensing, invoicing, and more all managed in one place.


Manage costs and make smarter decisions.

Reduce your dependence on third-party suppliers with Ceipal’s powerful direct sourcing capabilities. Keep track of key costs and supplier metrics by analyzing data and identifying patterns and trends—business intelligence helps you identify areas to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and boost results.

  • Track the data that is most important to your organization with Ceipal analytics
  • Configure custom reports and graphs for an instant overview of the data you need. 


Enhance patient outcomes with a diverse talent pool.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to build a team of providers that mirrors the community it serves to foster trust, understanding, and better patient outcomes. Fortify your workforce with diversity to gain a competitive advantage. 

  • Evaluate your workforce and identify diversity gaps with Ceipal DEI. 
  • Use AI for blind hiring to curate qualified and diverse talent.
  • Attract more talent and improve fill rates.

Integrate your key technology solutions

Ceipal connects hospitals and healthcare facilities to productivity apps, vendor management, social media, job board solutions, and more with ease.


See the Ceipal Difference for Yourself

Explore the ways Ceipal provides meaningful results through our comprehensive platform that combines insights, speed, and visibility.