Onboard Faster & Train Better for Lower Turnovers

Save thousands of dollars by onboarding your employees faster & more effectively with Ceipal’s paperless eBoarding portal. 

The Ceipal Impact

Organized & Efficient Onboarding
Superior Employee Experience
Data Security & Compliance

A recent workplace survey showed that only 40% of employees think that their employee’s onboarding program is effective. And it’s no wonder why! Companies usually spend more on coffee than they do on onboarding and training their employees. 

Often, speeding through onboarding and training seems like a wise move for companies. The faster you bring an employee up to speed, the more productive they’ll be, right? Wrong. In fact, failing to onboard and train employees can result in significant losses to your company.

But this doesn’t mean companies have to sacrifice efficiency for effectiveness. In fact, Ceipal provides onboarding software solutions that give you the best of both worlds.

The Challenge

Cost & Opportunity Cost

On average, onboarding and training a new employee costs around $2,000. But there’s also an associated opportunity cost. It takes about 1-2 years for a new employee to become “fully productive.” That means for up to 24 months, your company is operating at sub-par productivity. And if that employee is trained poorly, those 24 months could turn into 36, 48, and on.

On average, it takes 1-2 years before a new hire is fully productive.

Almost 50% of turnovers happen in the employee’s first six months.

High Turnover Rates

Almost 50% of all employee turnovers happen within their first six months at the company—the exact window for onboarding and training. That means almost 1 in every 2 employees will leave your company due to a poor onboarding or training experience. This is huge, as every employee turnover costs anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. Then, there’s the expense of going through the entire hiring process again with the next new hire.

Exposure to Risk

Unorganized or poorly managed onboarding has farther-reaching repercussions than unhappy employees. When not executed well, onboarding can leave your company open to hidden risks. Sloppily conducted background checks can lead to worker misclassification, or worse, vulnerability to malicious actors who may compromise your cybersecurity.

Poorly managed onboarding leaves you open to risks.

Personalized & Streamlined Onboarding

Clearly, onboarding needs to be done carefully—and done right—if companies want to get the most from their new hires. But this doesn’t mean onboarding has to be done inefficiently. 

With the right tools, your company can equip new hires with the information needed for success while engaging your workforce from day one. At Ceipal, we’ve dedicated an entire portion of our platform to onboarding and training to help you through the process. 

The Ceipal Solution

Streamlined Paperless Onboarding

Ceipal’s eBoarding portal is completely paperless. From within the Ceipal platform, recruiters can create documents, collect information, create PAFs, and manage legal documents. The eBoarding portal will automatically populate fields with information from your database, saving time otherwise wasted on manual data entry. What’s more, the onboarding software solutions update in real-time, so you can instantly track your new hire’s progress.


Personalized eBoarding Portal

Engage new hires from their first day on the job. With Ceipal, every new hire receives an onboarding portal personalized for them. Brand this portal with your company logo, mission statement, welcome videos, and any other relevant training material so your hires have access to essential company resources from their first minute on the job.

Secure Data & Maintain Compliance

Vet new hires and defend your company against cyber threats. As a SOC 2 Certified software, Ceipal provides its customers with the highest level of cybersecurity. Within Ceipal, all data is protected with multi-layered security control. The platform also ensures all new employees are in compliance with Ceipal’s proprietary e-Sign and timestamp capturing. Plus, candidates are given secure logins to complete the onboarding process, allowing them to share sensitive documents safely.