Diversify Your Workforce & Find Higher Quality Candidates

Create a higher-quality workforce with every new hire. From objective candidate assessments to automated recruitment processes, Ceipal helps recruiters find the right candidates in less time. 

The Ceipal Impact

Corporate Recruitment
+70% Larger Candidate Pool
2x Diversity & 2.5x Employee Retention
+400% Increased Productivity

According to Global Diversity Practice, “diversity” is “the mix and inclusion within your workforce,” while “inclusion” is “getting the mix to work well together.” Today, diversity and inclusion are top priorities for nearly all companies.

The benefits of diverse and inclusive companies are well documented. But companies often struggle to meet their DEI goals. At Ceipal, we’re committed to helping you get there with intelligent workforce diversity software.

The Challenge

Human Bias in Hiring

90% of organizations named seeking diverse candidates as top priority. But combating unconscious bias in hiring is easier said than done. In fact, most interviewers make a decision about a candidate’s suitability within the first 15 minutes, without objectively assessing skill sets or experience. So, how can corporations intentionally champion diversity and inclusion, while seeking the best talent?

90% of organizations name seeking a diverse workforce as a top priority.

A vacant position can cost anywhere from $7,000-$50,000 per day.

The Cost of Recruitment

Recruitment is expensive, and if done poorly, it’s doubly expensive. Experts estimate that the cost of a new hire is around $5,000. Add to that your recruitment cost—your recruiters’ salaries, job board fees, and background check services. Then, add the cost of a vacant position, anywhere from $7,000/day to $50,000/day for engineering positions. All told, the cost of recruitment can have significant impacts on your budget and profitability.

The Cost of a Bad Hire

The costs of recruitment are just the beginning. Now, you have to consider the costs of a bad hire. Almost 75% of employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position. And every bad hire can cost upwards of $200,000. Between onboarding and training costs, opportunity costs, and then the obvious cost of any failed projects, bad employees are a huge drain on profitability.

One bad hire can cost upwards of $200,000

Objective & Automated Hiring

Simply put, the challenge of hiring today is: how can I find the highest quality candidate and diversify my workforce while optimizing costs? 

At Ceipal, we leverage AI technology and talent analytics to overcome this challenge. Our robust platform and workforce diversity software provides objective assessments of both active and passive candidates, enabling faster recruiting, better candidates, and informed hiring. With Ceipal, companies see 2x increase in diversity and 2.5x increase in retention and employee productivity. 

The Ceipal Solution

Screening Candidates

Objective Candidate Evaluation

Combat human bias in hiring with Ceipal’s AI-Powered People Analytics. Using cognitive-based personality assessments, the AI generates reports on candidate working styles, workplace incentives, and character traits so you can hire the right fit for your company culture. Ceipal also assesses technical skills and workplace experience, automatically curating a shortlist of high-quality candidates to interview. 


Recruitment Automation

Save time while reaching more candidates. With Ceipal, the most laborious processes, like job advertising, resume parsing, and candidate engagement, are transformed into one-click operations. Using artificial intelligence, Ceipal streamlines these manual tasks so that your team is free to interact with prospective hires and find the perfect fit for your team. 

AI-Powered Passive Candidate Sourcing

Leverage artificial intelligence to increase your talent pool by over 70%. Our AI-Passive Candidate Sourcing searches the entire talent market to deliver qualified candidates. Curating candidate data from public forums, the AI ranks potential candidates based on technical skills and cultural compatibility. Plus, the system will run a reverse compatibility test to see how likely the candidate is to take your offer.

Talent Bench

Built-In Diversity & Inclusion Statistics

Track your diversity and inclusivity as you hire with intelligent workforce diversity software. Ceipal’s advanced Business Intelligence Module contains built-in reports on your workplace’s diversity, so you know what demographics you need to target. Plus, you can configure and customize your own reports based on individual hiring goals. Every report can be pinned to your homepage to create an interactive dashboard, allowing you to track progress in real-time.