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ATS – Productivity App Integration

The average adult spends 11 hours in front of a screen a day. For a lot of people, 8 hours of that is at work. But the real question is, is all of that time being used productively? The inevitable answer is no, which is why we turn to apps that make our lives easier. Ceipal’s productivity app integrations are designed to provide employees with easier ways to be productive and utilize their favorite applications.

When everything you need to check email, communicate with candidates, and perform interviews is in one place, you always know where to get the information you need or find data you lost track of. Seamless integration with productivity apps means you spend less time searching across documents and platforms. That, in turn, means you spend more time actually doing the work you need to do.

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Ceipal and CloudCall

Our expanded integration with CloudCall enables recruiters to use their communications platform system and track all of their interactions. This integration with CloudCall helps recruiters to increase candidate engagement, client satisfaction, and overall productivity. Key features include:

  • Click to Dial: Improve efficiency by using CloudCall to dial calls with a single click from within Ceipal
  • SMS: Ability to send one-to-one and broadcast SMS communications from Ceipal’s CRM contact records and to update conversation logs and SMS signatures
  • Power Dialer: Upload prepared contact lists and watch CloudCall-Ceipal automatically dial through each contact to optimize your outreach
  • Voicemail Drop: Leave pre-recorded voicemails for clients and candidates with one click
  • Data Capturing: Automatically record calls and track call information as you speak
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Used to using other Productivity Apps?

Not only does Ceipal offer integration with CloudCall, but it also enables you to work with dozens of other productivity apps like GoodHire, QuickBooks, Skype, and more.

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Process Improvement

All aspects of work can be improved once productivity applications are introduced to the flow. You save time by being able to control everything from one platform and save money by having all employees be more productive. But, our ATS doesn’t just let you connect one app, you can connect dozens of them so different teams across the company can work together to recruit new candidates, manage clients and vendors, or even oversee finances and productivity. Ceipal’s integrations are here to improve all of your processes.


Seamless Automation

Ceipal’s direct integration between your ATS and various productivity apps exists to make your entire workday more efficient. Not only do numerous integrations eliminate manual data entry, they also remove the need to leave your work platform to check emails, perform interviews, or communicate with clients/candidates. Let automation bring together all of the tools you need so you can spend less time remembering passwords, switching between windows, and using your phone.

Note: Ceipal is not an official representative of these programs/services and makes no claims as to their effectiveness. The integrations that we provide are merely for your convenience.

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