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Video Review: Ceipal Receives 9 out of 10 Review

Video Review: Ceipal Receives 9 out of 10 Review
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Hi, I’m Alekhya, working as HR Manager for one of the IT staffing companies and I rate Ceipal nine out of ten. 

What Business Problems Are You Solving With the Product?

We’re using Ceipal for our end-to-end recruitment process and it’s a great tool to track our recruiter’s performance from sourcing until placement of a candidate.

What Do You Like Best?

The best part that I like about Ceipal is they have so many great features. One of them is, having VMS integration, which is a big useful thing for any IT staffing company and also they have a free job board publishing option and along with ATS and they have an option of Workforce. 

When there is, when any company takes a subscription of ATS and Workforce together, it’s easy for them to keep a track of the placement and also maintain their employee information. So, it’s a great tool if someone subscribes to both ATS and Workforce features together because Workforce also has features like access to Public Access Files and many other things. And also coming to ATS, they do have this feature of mass mailing where you can send a number of emails in one go. So, these are the few features that I can think of.

What Do You Dislike?

The one feature that I dislike about Ceipal is, before I mention of their positives is having a mass mailing feature where we can broadcast, but the only thing is I don’t consider it like a complete disadvantage, but the only thing that is, there is – specific limitations for mass mailing, which I think is a disadvantage. 

What Recommendations Do You Have for Others Considering?

If you’re considering Ceipal, I would definitely recommend to go ahead and use the product. So, I will recommend to use both ATS and Workforce, which will blend together for any IT staffing company that is looking to have an ATS system of their own. It’s better to buy or take subscriptions for both ATS and the Workforce because they go hand in hand. And also this is one of the great tools and is user-friendly as well so the navigation is really easy – anyone can easily understand it’s just if you can take some time to play around with the tool it’s really easy and there are so many features that you can use. And also it’s cost-effective.

The other best thing that I can recommend this product is, specifically,  their product support. The support team is really great and they will assign you a person for every account and this person is responsible for taking care of the issues related to the account and they are very responsive. They respond to you on time and also they will help you to resolve the issue as soon as possible. So that’s the best thing that I like about Ceipal. Every tool has its own pros and cons but these guys are really good in giving responses and trying to figure out what the customer needs and they are able to, you know, resolve it within time. So, I will definitely recommend Ceipal from my end and from the experience of past one year that we are using this product.