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Conquering the Talent Shortage With AI

Conquering the Talent Shortage With AI

As the talent wars rage in our post-pandemic world, there’s growing demand within the staffing industry for technological assistance that can automate repetitive recruitment tasks and accelerate placements. Artificial intelligence (AI) can do more than simply expand your set of talent sources, it can also evaluate your needs, automate your processes, and instantly improve your results.

Our panel of experts, including Talent Specialist Shannon Fox Spinks of Gateway Sourcing, Founder & COO of See & Recruit, Phalguni Rathod, and Sam Velu, VP, Operations, eTeki, discussed the best practices for integrating AI into your staffing firm. Attendees learned how AI-powered technology is helping staffing professionals survive and thrive through the so-called talent wars.

We finished up this informative session with a live Q&A and a practical demonstration. Check out the recap video to see how easy it can be to put AI to work for your staffing firm.

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