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5 Steps to Attract the Ideal Suitable Candidates

5 Steps to Attract the Ideal Suitable Candidates

The recruitment market today is booming. Popular job boards like Monster, Naukri, Indeed, are important, but they’re not the only options available to recruiters. There are tons of new applications aiding recruitment teams to find the talent they need. 

While there are multiple channels to attract the best candidates, you also have to have a hiring strategy. 

Define Your Hiring Goals

It is important to identify and define your hiring goals before you develop a strategy. Today, a large number of organizations are working towards strengthening their contingent workforce after the pandemic, and in today’s competitive search for talent, staffing is becoming increasingly candidate-centric. In order to decide on the ideal fit, you have to answer a few questions that go beyond the skillset: 

  • Does the candidate fit your company culture?
  • Does the location work?
  • How many applicants fit the profile and job role?

Align with Employer Branding Strategies

One of the perks of always having a good employer brand value is that you don’t have to struggle to attract talent. Candidates can apply through:

  • Job Boards
  • Career Fairs
  • Campus Recruitment 
  • Employee Referrals 

Regardless of the process, it’s important to have accurate and consistent messaging. You can use this hiring process as a great medium to attract talent, while creating and strengthening your brand. 

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Advertise Like a Pro

Marketing job requirements is a critical first step to attracting quality hires. With Millennials and Gen Z’ers living on social media, staffing professionals need to embrace social recruiting. Marketing through job boards like Glassdoor, Monster, and Ziprecruiter is no longer enough. You have to grab the attention of talent on social media as well. While LinkedIn is one of the biggest sources for professional hiring, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also trending as top recruitment forums. 

Choose Your Words Wisely

A job description is the first piece of content that candidates come across about your company. The words that you put into the job description determine the hiring fate of your company. So, it’s very important to use the job description as a messaging front that aligns with the company brand. To write a great job description:  

  • Clearly state the perks and benefits
  • Promote your company culture 
  • Keep the balance between emotional and formal language
  • Offer details, but keep it simple 

Build a “Talent Container” and Engage

A talent community is the pool of candidates who may not be available today, but can be great candidates for future hiring needs. Building a database of these candidates based on their skill sets, location, industry, experience, etc., allows you to always have a list of potential candidates. Encouraging a diverse talent community by building and managing a talent container (database) is one of the most feasible ways to attract passive candidates. 

Keep the Candidates Hooked

Whether the candidate is hired or not, always keep them informed about their application status from the time they submit their application. Engaging with candidates leads to a positive experience, which in turn leads to more talent being attracted to your company. 

With an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can increase your number of placements by managing all the candidate’s data in one place. You can also automate your candidate engagement process with CEIPAL’s AI-powered ATS. By using the most advanced tools available, you’ll save time and money, while engaging more candidates and landing more placements.