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6 Tips for a Job Opening that Gets Filled Fast

6 Tips for a Job Opening that Gets Filled Fast

You’ve got a great opening in your business for the right person. How do you write an advertisement that attracts the right type of candidate? Based upon research and data from Resume-Library and its sister company CV-Library, we have six tips that are sure to have people applying, and help you to get that vacancy filled, fast.

1. Keep the Job Title Short & Factual

Applicants need to know if the job is something they can do. Keep the job title short but clear. No fancy buzzwords, if you want to hire a Sales Manager, don’t advertise for a ‘Sales Ninja’, and don’t advertise for a ‘Design Jedi’ if you want a Graphic Designer – it might sound cool to you, but job hunting is a serious business, you don’t want to turn people off!

If you’re a business that likes to have some fun, put that in the description, but keep it out of the job title.

2. Customize the Job Posting Based on the Role

You know the person you need for this role, so talk directly to them – if you have others already in this role, ask them to help you phrase the key responsibilities and skills needed. If you don’t have anyone performing this role currently you need to decide the responsibilities (what do you need them to do in the business) and then check out other similar job specifications online; or with someone in the role at another organization, if you can.

It’s no use writing an advertisement for a graphic designer opening if you know nothing about the role – ask another graphic designer for help.

3. State the Benefits

If you have a cool campus-style setup then let them know. If you offer paid holidays and vacations, let the applicants know. If you offer a benefits package that is better than average, make sure you detail it in the advertisement, but keep it simple.

State clearly why working for you is best.

4. Provide a Specific Location

Jobs that specify the working location get more applications. Fact. Don’t believe us? Resume- Library’s data shows us that openings that state a specific location get 47% more applications than those that don’t.

If it’s a hybrid or fully remote role, make sure that is specified, instead. If it’s hybrid – what does that mean? How many days do you require people to attend the office per week? This all has an impact on their wage – how much will be spent on commuting?

Applicants want to know where and /or when they’re expected to be working.

5. State the Salary

This can be tricky, but if you’re paying the going rate for the job or more, then make sure you include it in the advertisement. There’s nothing more annoying than applying for a job and getting through the initial stages only to find out the wages are low.

Resume-Library’s research shows that openings that state the salary get 28.5% more applications than those that don’t. It’s easier for potential applicants to rule out other, lower-paid jobs.

Job seekers want to know how much they’ll be earning.

6. Make it Searchable

Keywords are exactly what they say they are – key. The job opening is going to be online so make sure people can find it on the job board or on social media – this is also helped by point 1. if you’ve given the job opening a ‘funky title’ then suitable applicants may struggle to find it. Add other relevant keywords, like enhanced benefits, perks, mention variety, culture and flexibility too, if they’re part of the deal.

Make sure your job opening can be found online – use keywords.


  • Keep it simple, no acronyms
  • Make it clear – skills & responsibilities
  • State the salary, location, and benefits

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