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How to Attract & Hire Recent Graduates

How to Attract & Hire Recent Graduates

We all know the benefits of hiring recent grads. They’re cost-effective, eager to work, and impressionable. However, attracting and hiring the best of these candidates might pose a challenge seeing as everyone is after them.

Rudimentary recruiting strategies no longer work.

Today, most talented and qualified grads are getting offers from multiple companies before they even finish school. To get your organization in the running for this lot, you have to step up your game and become more strategic in how you approach and lure them to your company.

Sell Your Company Culture

What comes to mind when you think about what it would be like to work for a company like Google? In all likelihood, you picture generous perks, a casual dress code, free meals, napping stations, and flexible scheduling. Why do all of these things come to mind? Because Google has made a commitment to selling its company culture to those in the job market.

While you might not have the same brand recognition as Google, you should still make a commitment to selling your company culture. Word travels fast and people will notice what you’re doing. An investment in recruitment advertising may be worth looking into, but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

“Note that the goal of recruitment advertising is not simply to attract candidates based on your company’s advantages, but also to give candidates a realistic cultural preview,” explains Steven Hunt, Ph.D.

Recruiting is about selling the job to the kinds of people who will flourish in your company. The best recruitment advertising attracts good candidates while simultaneously discouraging applicants who would not fit in with the company culture.

Offer Perks

Jobs are a part of life for millennials – not something that they do from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Today, millennial employees would prefer that both work and personal life naturally merge and balance one another out.

Offering perks that would make life easier for employees is one way to attract recent grads to your organization. For example, you might consider purchasing brand-new smartphones for your new hires. To your organization, a cell phone and accompanying plan only costs a few hundred dollars per year. To a candidate, it could be an influential factor that encourages him to choose your company over a competing company.

Be Flexible

Many of today’s college graduates are actually more interested in flexibility, they are not just enticed by dollar signs. According to a recent study of millennials, 37 percent of participants said they would take a 6 to 12 percent pay cut if an employer offered flexible hours. Are there ways you can encourage flexibility in your organization?

The awesome thing about flexible hours is that it’s a whole lot more practical now than it was a decade ago. With connected devices, cloud software, and other remote working technologies, employees can usually work from home just as easily as they can in the office.

A lot of qualified & talented college graduates aren’t going to knock your door down and beg for a chance. In fact, they often expect employers to take on this role. As you look to enhance your organization’s talent, you need to adopt a more strategic approach for attracting these fresh graduates. The tips outlined in this article should help you compete for the candidates that you want most.