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Ceipal Business Units

Ceipal Business Units

Healthcare. IT. Manufacturing. Today, most staffing agencies specialize in only one industry. But as firms begin to broaden their specializations, they are set to serve multiple industries at once. And by prioritizing such market expansions, these firms are positioned to become leaders in the recruitment world. In fact, 1 in 4 staffing leaders identify market expansions as their #1 priority.

Why Not Try a Market Expansion? 

So, why don’t more staffing firms try to broaden their specializations? The honest answer is, it’s too risky and too complicated. Stuffing your database with job postings and clients from completely different industries can easily lead to confusion, disorganization, and unproductivity. And this results in less business—not more. 

And yet, those who do not move forward will fall behind. Investing in new fields helps you bring in more business and become more profitable.

At Ceipal, we prioritize our customers’ success. That’s why we’ve developed our Business Units feature. Segmenting your database into discrete categories based on vertical and industry type, these Business Units are designed to help your firm expand to new markets, acquire new clients, and make more placements with an organized and efficient process. 

Ceipal’s Business Units

Ceipal’s Business Units help you organize and access data based on industry and vertical type. Within Ceipal, you can filter the job postings, clients, vendors, and leads module so you only see entries relevant to your workflow. The applicants and talent bench module remains unfiltered, so you have open access to all available talent. 

Ceipal’s Business Units also allow you to:

  • Create and Customize Your Business Unit Categories. Create business unit categories that make sense for you. Whether you need to segment your database based on industry type, vertical, or a division specific to your firm, Ceipal’s Business Units will conform to your process so you can navigate your data easily. 
  • Organize Job Postings, Clients, Vendors, and Leads. Immediately view the information that’s relevant to you. With Ceipal’s Business Units, you can filter the job postings, client, and vendor modules based on unit categories, so your dashboard only contains the data you need.
  • Assign Users to Specific Business Units. Organize your teams so they’re set up for success. Administrators can assign users to different Business Units, so only certain teams have access to certain units. That way, your team can work efficiently and effectively to fill the requisitions assigned to them. 
  • Specify Permissions and Automate Notifications. Keep your teams on the same page. From Ceipal’s admin panel, you can create different Business Unit permissions based on users and roles. You can also schedule automatic notifications, so teams are always aware of new developments in their unit. 
  • Customize Views Based on Business Units. Tailor your ATS to your needs. Within each module you can create your own default view that automatically displays individual units, streamlining your workflow and heightening productivity. Plus, you can switch between different business units to access data from multiple units in real-time.
  • Generate Unit Specific Reports. Gain an in-depth understanding of your business. With Ceipal, staffing firm executives can understand the progress and growth of each unit at a glance. The platform provides reports which track everything you need to know, from number of applicants, to submission rates vs. placement rates, to activity rates.

What Are The Benefits? 

  • Identify Opportunities for Growth. For small businesses, a market expansion can seem daunting. But the reality is, you may already have enough resources to take on new fields. Once you’ve segmented your data into Ceipal’s Business Units, you may be surprised to find that you’ve already served a number of clients in different fields. And those clients may be the perfect way into a new industry.
  • Streamline Data Management. Good business starts with good data. Every entry in your ATS contains a possible placement, so it’s important that data is well organized and easily accessible to your team. Ceipal’s Business Units provide a built in, data management system, helping your team engage more clients and make more placements.
  • Improve Sales and Recruiter Productivity. Don’t bog recruiters down with irrelevant data. By assigning users to different business units, you’re creating streamlined business workflows and processes. Users will only see postings and receive notifications relevant to them. And this ensures your team is always focused on the right tasks.
  • Segment Business Intelligence. Accelerate your growth with industry-leading business intelligence. Once you’ve segmented your database into different units, analyze which techniques are most effective for which business units. That data will provide a wealth of information for your marketing team, sales team, recruitment team, and leadership, which can be leveraged to develop more effective strategies for your firm.

Why Is It Important?

The staffing industry moves quickly. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to take proactive steps and take advantage of new opportunities. And at Ceipal, we create software to help you do just that. Our Business Units are designed to put your firm in a strong position to engage, develop, and expand. 

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