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End-to-End I-9 Management

End-to-End I-9 Management

In a time of remote work, coordinating the I-9 process can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Federal auditors regularly dive into archives of I-9 forms, and messy I-9 processes can result in discrimination claims. 

At Ceipal, we understand that I-9s are critical and tricky—and we’re here to help. Our end-to-end I-9 management streamlines all the ins and outs of this delicate process for clean, simple, and accurate document management.

What Is It?

Ceipal‘s I-9 Management is a completely paperless process allowing teams to initiate, track, and collect I-9 forms for every employee. With Ceipal, team members can: 

  • Initiate I-9 Requests in The System. Keeping on top of employee I-9 documentation starts with visiting that employee’s dashboard. To initiate the form, team members only need to click a button. The system automatically generates an I-9 form, pre-populated with information from the database, eliminating manual data entry.
  • Specify Authorized Representatives. Every I-9 form must be physically verified. With Ceipal, team members can select authorized representatives as they initiate the I-9 process. Both the employee and the AR will receive the document simultaneously, arrange a meeting time and place, and complete the process.
  • Collect The Paperwork. Once the I-9 process is initiated, team members can track its completion and collect the verified documents through the platform. Every employee profile contains a dashboard with live updates on form’s status, and a record of completed documentation, for clean organization.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Be Prepared for Audits. Ceipal help your team prepare for audits. The system automatically tracks all audit information for every employee’s I-9 documentation. By selecting “audit trail,” team members can view the time of document submission, ARs and initiators, IP, location, and any relevant comments.
  • Manage Your Workforce From Anywhere. Remote work is becoming common practice. And so, a digital system that automates the I-9 process—without cutting-corners—is essential for staffing firms. Ceipal‘s platform is programmed to make sure every step of the I-9 process is completed, sending automatic reminders as needed. And, all I-9 forms are stored and retained for future reference. That way, your team can manage employees no matter where they are.
  • Save Time and Energy. The I-9 process is one of the most important aspects of a staffing firm’s day-to-day work. And so, it makes sense that firms have spent large amounts of time and energy making sure every detail is in place. But with Ceipal‘s automatic I-9 management, this time and energy can be reappropriated to things that directly affect ROI— like managing employees and acquiring clients.

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Ceipal‘s Workforce Management System helps staffing firms automate back-office operations for a more efficient—and more productive workflow. 

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