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AI Recruiting Software

Ceipal’s AI for Recruiting features are thoughtfully designed to bring any staffing or recruiting agency better value, superior candidates, and more hires. This allows staffing professionals to spend more time in-person with applicants, developing relationships and determining whether or not the candidate is a good fit for their placement organization.

Candidate Sourcing

Easily identify top talent based on past performance, tenure, turnover, and more.

Candidate Ranking

Sort candidates by desirable skills and review the most viable contenders first.

Candidate Analysis

Automatic filtering highlights which candidates are most compatible based on experience.

Talent Identification

Discover which candidates are the most successful based on performance, tenure, turnover rates, and more.

The AI learns what experience, skills, education, and other qualities make for better-qualified candidates and then automatically ranks, orders, and shortlists all applicants to quickly find talent through fitment assessment and job matching. 

Combined Ranking & Matching

Using AI candidate ranking and AI job matching in tandem, Ceipal reduces the amount of time and costs associated with finding and placing new hires.

The best part? The outcome is more effective sourcing and exponentially improved candidate fitment.

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Instant Delivery of Top Global Talent

With Ceipal’s artificial intelligence (AI), identifying high-quality talent is an automatic process. Our AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing instantly searches the entire talent market for qualified candidates. AI leverages scientific cognitive models to evaluate candidate suitability and delivers the results straight to your dashboard in a matter of seconds. It compiles all candidate information in one place, helping recruiters achieve up to a 94% placement rate with a 23% higher employee retention rate.