Detailed Analytics. Flexible Interviewing. Consolidated Communication.

Employee Selection Process

A resume can only say so much. Ceipal’s AI-powered analytics can tell you more. Our artificial intelligence dives into human details, like candidate working style, workplace values, incentives, and even outreach tips. Advanced analytics and insights help recruiters filter through hundreds of profiles in seconds to find the best fit, while our flexible platform simplifies the hiring process.

Data-Driven Process

Understand your applicants with AI-powered insights into skills, experience, and personality types.

Flexible Interviews

Conduct interviews as you see fit with our built-in video platform and dynamic integration partners.

Fair Evaluations

Objectively assess each candidate with standard evaluation forms to ensure unbiased and fair hiring.

Streamlined Scheduling

Create interview processes that work for you. Ceipal allows recruiters to schedule interviews with entire teams, automating reminders to both candidates and interviews. During the interview, team members can create evaluation templates for fair candidate assessment, and interviewers can track their thoughts in real-time through interactive notes.

Ceipal even integrates with industry-leading interviewing software, like Skype, Spark Hire, Jobma, Interview Mocha, and more. Browse our marketplace and meet our integration partners.

Interview with Flexibility 

Ceipal conforms to your interview process, whatever it may be. Our countless integration partners empower users to conduct interviews over video, the phone, and anything in between, from one location. Plus, the platform automates reminders and scheduling, for a streamlined interview process. 

Make & Manage Placements  

Organize your new employees. Once the interview process is complete, Ceipal streamlines placement management. With employee placement dashboards and consolidated placement information, Ceipal’s user-friendly interface enables recruiters to easily access everything they need to know about candidates, from their entire assessment history to past billing rates.

AI-Powered Candidate Analytics

Receive boundless insights about your prospective hires. With Ceipal’s advanced analytics, hiring managers can instantly receive in-depth reports on critical but unseen candidate factors, like workplace motivators and learning styles, for comprehensive candidate knowledge. The analytics will even give tips on how to best engage your ideal candidate for more effective recruitment.

Plus, once you identify your ideal candidate, the system will run a reverse compatibility test, notifying users how likely it is that candidate will take the job.