Driving workforce diversity with agile technology

Diversify Your Workforce – Implementation

Bringing Diversity to Your Workforce

Workforce diversity doesn’t just magically happen. It takes a concerted effort of promoting qualified, diverse talent from within, while also hiring from an external pool of equally varied candidates. Diversity starts by sourcing prospective, diverse talent for current and future job opportunities and then building that pipeline over time.

Take a closer look at the various sources your organization has for hiring qualified talent. By examining your individual sources of talent more closely, we can find ways to improve the diversity mix of each source and, ultimately, close the gap and meet your diversity goals.

Ceipal’s Advanced Technology Helps Achieve Diversity Goals While Improving the Talent Pool

The process to improve talent pool diversity

The process to improve talent pool diversity

Do you have DEI objectives but no strategy to reach them? 

Source Diverse Talent

Step 1: Each internal source is a great way to curate qualified talent for current and future requirements. But, you need to make sure these sources are attuned to identify candidates who are not only qualified, but who also come from diverse backgrounds. Our “AI Diversity Assessment” algorithm measures each internal source and recommends which is most efficient and effective for building a qualified, diverse talent pool. This turbocharges your organization’s efforts to increase its diverse talent.

Step 2: Each external source of talent is managed by procurement teams. Our “AI Diversity Assessment” algorithm measures the percentage of diverse talent sourced by procurement and generates a report, providing full visibility and specific recommendations to improve diversity among all of your external talent sources.

Step 3: Ceipal technology also provides access to a large pool of passive candidates, aka qualified talent who are open to new opportunities, but are not actively searching. Using our filters, this qualified pool of diverse candidates can easily be categorized by gender and ethnicity to ensure your sourcing efforts are bringing the right mix of diversity to the candidate pool.

Step 4: Our solutions help you build a carefully curated pool of qualified, diverse talent that results from the steps listed above, creating a ‘Talent Container’. This robust database is powered by Ceipal’s proprietary “AI Searching & Ranking” algorithm, which enables recruiters and hiring managers to instantly search for talent where it’s most needed. This helps you find candidates with the right qualifications for any open job, while also ensuring a high probability of achieving the right mix of diverse talent.

Curate a List of Qualified & Diverse Candidates

Your talent sources are easily enriched with gender and ethnic information using our AI diversity algorithm.

Enriched talent source data with gender and ethnic information

Enriched talent source data with gender and ethnic information

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