Manage Vendors. Track Projects. Gain Visibility.

Process Management Solutions

Ceipal Procurewise’s comprehensive vendor management solutions give you full visibility into processes for maintaining compliance, tracking project progress, managing worker timesheets and expenses, and analyzing performance. Complete with advanced reporting and analytics, Ceipal Procurewise offers end-to-end talent management solutions.

Automate Hiring

Digitally transform the hiring and onboarding process and improve collaboration.

Ensure Compliance

Manage compliance concerns for your entire workforce and standardize processes.

Access All Data

Utilize dashboards, reporting, and analytics to make data-driven procurement decisions.

Maintain Compliance

Manage compliance concerns for your entire workforce in one online portal. The Ceipal Procurewise platform tracks all supplier contracts, from origination to expiration, as well as rate card compliance and certificate of insurance expiry.

The portal securely maintains all required worker-related documentation, including financial information, so you have access to an auditable system of record for all supplier contracts.

Hire and Onboard

Simplify the hiring process with tools to automate compliance with national and local labor laws, tax regulations, and other government mandates while enforcing company policies and requirements. Once you’ve found your hire, upload all onboarding documentation into the platform with eBoarding, utilizing DocuSign E-Sign, and track the process through completion.

Integrated omni-channel communication and Chabot integration enable instant communication between buyers and suppliers to further streamline the process.

Manage Timesheets and Invoices

Manage assignments from budget creation to milestone delivery, including approving timesheets, expense reports, invoices, and payments, and communicate with staffing suppliers and workers with convenient in-platform tools.

Seamlessly manage finances with our QuickBooks and ADP Run integrations, auto-invoicing and expense management features, and multi-level approval workflow.

Integrated Ecosystem

Streamline your procurement and project management with robust integrations. Ceipal Procurewise offers powerful integrations to drive efficiency and productivity and improve collaboration with your network.

  • Chatbot Integration enables instant communication between buyers and vendors. 
  • DocuSign Integration provides advanced e-signature abilities for simplified onboarding and offboarding.
  • QuickBooks and ADP Run Integrations for buyers and suppliers enable seamless connectivity to the accounting system for easy expense management.
  • Advance Report Integration with Tableau measures and compares supplier performance.

Full Visibility With Advanced Analytics

Immediately understand your productivity, total spend, and progress with dozens of built-in and customizable industry reports. Run reports on cost savings between suppliers based on worker pay rates and overall costs.

Advanced VMS capabilities help to streamline workflow automation and advances data insight to enable more effective governance over vendors with evaluations, contract management, and performance monitoring.