Accessible Data. EFFICIENT Oversight.

Employee Management System

Get comprehensive employee management tools and access any information for any employee quickly and efficiently, saving valuable HR resources and time. From managing work authorization information to tracking placements and profitability, and of course, maintaining leads, Ceipal’s Employee Management System provides end-to-end solutions.

Information Management

Track all employees’ placement and project information.

Simplified Onboarding

Digitize and customize the onboarding process.

Personalized Experience

Communicate with employees directly from the platform.

Employee Information Management

Stay current with all your critical employee information to facilitate success. With Ceipal, your HR team can manage placement dates, bill rates, and leave time, all from a single dashboard. Plus, all employee documents are housed in one location for easy access.

Digital Onboarding

Customize an onboarding process for your business and candidates. Create and modify documents, specify cross-team permissions, track compliance and authorization, and personalize dashboards for every new hire to speed through onboarding and speed up productivity

Job and Project Management

Maintain your placement data and have full control over projects and SOW all in one place. Each employee dashboard shows pay information, bill rates, reporting managers, and more. Team members can easily assess the status of timesheets, purchase orders, and their expiration dates. Managers can leave notes on employee profiles to other teammates for centralized communication and assign tasks to streamline existing workflows.

Personalized Employee Dashboards

Oversee employees, easily tracking progress from one screen. With Ceipal, users can dive into details of invoiced amounts, critical documents, total revenue, and more. Every employee gets a personalized dashboard highlighting important deadlines, statistics, and actions. From there, leaders can request details, send reminders, and communicate with employees, all in a single click.

One-Click Offboarding

Move employees through the offboarding process faster, using Job Termination workflow, for a smoother and better overall experience. Track critical documentation and notify the relevant parties for every offboarded employee for streamlined operations and increased satisfaction.