Fill Jobs Faster With Ceipal

Improve visibility and identify skills faster.

Grow a skills-based talent pool and access more candidates.

The future of talent acquisition is skills, and Ceipal enables you to source the right skills and build the talent container to house and search for those skills any time.

  • Build a robust talent container.
    Ceipal’s AI can classify skills by analyzing and categorizing data based on a variety of criteria, including job title, experience level, and specific skills or competencies, making it easy to access skilled talent in your own database.

Gain complete visibility of all talent in one platform. 

Ceipal’s total talent acquisition platform enables you to better understand your talent and your business with full visibility into your database and processes.

  • Never “forget” a great candidate.
    Ceipal provides a talent container that compiles all candidate information and creates a record of skills in a robust repository, so you never lose a good, qualified candidate who may be perfect for a future job opening.
  • Identify a broader range of candidates.
    AI Passive Candidate Sourcing identifies skills from a wider pool of talent and can provide benchmarking, helping you understand and improve the quality of your talent network regardless of the type of employment.

Improve hiring strategy and investments.

Ceipal’s total talent management platform provides your business with information and actionable insights to help you to approach hiring in a more strategic way.

  • Focus on skills.
    AI Candidate Matching and Ranking enables you to find the desired skills right in your own database or to determine what skills you lack so you can balance your organization.
  • Efficiently curate the skills you need.
    Ceipal offers AI-powered recruitment tools and over 165 integrations help you to zero in on top skills and transform your talent acquisition.

Integrate your key technology solutions

Ceipal connects internal and corporate recruiting teams to productivity apps, vendor management, social media, job board solutions, and more with ease — all included in the cost of the platform.

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See the Ceipal Difference for Yourself

Discover how we’ve helped internal and corporate recruiting teams drive meaningful results by combining speed, visibility, and insights in one comprehensive platform.