Double Your Placements With Ceipal

Find the talent you need faster.

Elevate the quality of candidates.

Ceipal empowers recruiters to not only find talent faster but to measurably improve the quality of those candidates for a talent pool that truly delivers.

  • Integrate with 50+ job boards and VMS portals.
    Quickly find the ideal candidate by simultaneously searching all job boards from right within Ceipal.
  • Leverage advanced automation and AI Recruitment.
    Easily and quickly hone in on the specific skills that are required for each job.
  • Employ Passive Candidate Sourcing.
    Access a wider pool of talent with candidates who may not be actively searching but may be an excellent match for the job. 
  • Find quality talent with AI Candidate Matching and Ranking.
    Fill your candidate pipeline with high-quality and diverse candidates while ranking in terms of job fit and the likelihood of accepting the job. 

Reduce time-to-submit by 70%.

Ceipal enables you to customize your workflows to your specific requirements and preferences. Our total talent management platform accelerates your recruiting process by automating administrative tasks and identifying high-quality talent with the right skills in seconds. 

  • Transform your candidate screening with AI Candidate Matching and Ranking.
    Immediately identify and rank candidates with the ideal skills who are already in your existing database.
  • Automate candidate outreach with AI-powered Chatbots and a fully integrated CRM.
    Connect with and evaluate candidates more efficiently so you can submit sooner.
  • Avoid bottlenecks that may arise with other one-size-fits-all systems with a configurable ATS.
    Tailor workflow for your business to keep the recruitment process moving forward toward faster submission.

Improve the client and candidate experience.

Candidate experience is critical to retention and client satisfaction. Ceipal’s robust recruitment CRM centralizes communications and eBoarding tools simplify onboarding to help you strengthen your relationships with new and existing candidates.

  • Reach candidates via their preferred platform, including, email, voice, video, text message, WhatApp, etc.
    Strengthen candidate interactions and empower teams with the tools they need to attract quality talent in less time.
  • Automate candidate engagement with AI-powered, self-service chatbots.
    Instantly respond and answer common candidate questions for enhanced communication.
  • Streamline communication between client and candidate via automated workflows and powerful integrations.
    Improve candidate and client experience and retention rates with instant communication via text, voice, chat, and email.
  • Expedite the employee onboarding process.
    Reduce the time and effort of traditional onboarding with centralized, personalized, and intuitive eBoarding.

Track vital business metrics.

Data visibility is the key to business improvement and growth. Ceipal provides the tools you need to keep track of and customize the way you view all your vital metrics, enabling you to really know your business.

  • Gain insight into your recruitment process.
    Ceipal provides a powerful analytics suite for visibility throughout the entire process.
  • Build custom reports and dashboards.
    Ceipal delivers an overview of key metrics while intuitive wizards enable recruiters to create dashboards and reports for customized and effortless oversight.
  • Measure your business performance with Business Intelligence.
    Ceipal enables benchmarking to industry standards and best practice to make sure you stay competitive and successful.

Integrate your key technology solutions

Ceipal connects staffing and recruiting firms to productivity apps, vendor management, social media, job board solutions, and more with ease — all included in the cost of the platform.

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See the Ceipal Difference for Yourself

Our comprehensive platform has helped staffing organizations combine speed, visibility, and insights to drive meaningful recruiting results.