A single, unified, and collaborative platform

Eliminate silos to reduce costs and improve retention

Implement a customized, seamless, integrated solution

Don’t settle for software solutions that require lengthy and costly processes. Ceipal offers a fast and organized way to integrate, automate, and improve your systems.

  • Implement with ease.
    The Ceipal platform can be up and running in just 30 days, so you don’t have to deal with lengthy IT processes or extra costs.
  • Transform your talent management.
    Begin automating management of job distribution, candidate sourcing and evaluation, onboarding, and suppliers and workforce sooner with ATS, CRM, and VMS capabilities unified in one system.

Create a talent container for curating skilled candidates

Ceipal’s AI-powered solutions help to make curating skilled candidates effortless, helping you win in today’s competitive talent and hiring environment.

  • Leverage one platform for all employment types.
    Integrate detailed skill-based talent information from all sources and all required geographies (internal database, job boards, referrals, VMS, contingent staffing suppliers, etc.) and all employment types (full time, part time, contingent, etc.) in one scalable, searchable database . . . and enhance using advanced automation tools like AI and Machine learning.
  • Match candidates more effectively.
    Instantly consolidate your candidate database and categorize candidate data by skills, industry experience, cultural fit, and other factors of your choice to make it simple to match talent to open jobs.
  • Build an expansive talent pool.
    Use Passive Candidate Sourcing to create a robust container of skilled talent from both internal and external sources that you can draw from at any time, making you more competitive.

Efficiently manage acquisition of full-time and contingent workforce

Ceipal’s unified platform drives improved efficiency, helping you oversee the entire workflow and manage multiple business units in one place.

  • Oversee your entire recruitment lifecycle.
    Ceipal’s all-in-one ecosystem manages talent acquisition, candidate matching & ranking, candidate engagement, applicant tracking, and workforce management to efficiently streamline all aspects of recruitment.
  • Dramatically reduce costs.
    Business Units functionality enables organizations to continue to measure business metrics at an individual level while pooling the costs of third-party systems like job boards for cost savings of up to 50%.
  • Control job board spend.
    With Ceipal, you never have to worry about wasted job board credits or duplicate resumes. Ceipal offers full integration with job boards and powerful parsing tools to help you find skilled talent in the most cost-effective way.

Integrate your key technology solutions

Ceipal connects internal and corporate recruiting teams to productivity apps, vendor management, social media, job board solutions, and more with ease — all included in the cost of the platform.

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See the Ceipal difference for yourself

Discover how we’ve helped internal and corporate recruiting teams drive meaningful results by combining speed, visibility, and insights in one comprehensive platform.