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See how Ceipal can cut your annual ATS & CRM costs in half while boosting productivity and increasing placements.

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Double Placements

Double your placements with ongoing innovation

Ceipal equips recruiters with tools to double their number of placements using less time, for less money. Leveraging today’s modern search engines and advanced analytics, Ceipal delivers hundreds of high-quality candidates straight to a recruiter’s dashboard. And, using the power of AI, Ceipal provides data-driven recommendations for each job opening, helping you find the perfect candidate in a few simple clicks.

Build a database you & your clients can rely on

With Ceipal, recruiters increase their talent pool by +70%. Through automated processes, Ceipal’s search for candidates goes beyond job boards, sourcing the entire talent market. Plus, the system works with you to manage data, rejecting duplicate resumes and automatically saving viewed profiles so your database is constantly refreshed with new, high-quality talent for both you and your clients.

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Data Migration

Migrate your data & onboard your team with ease

Fully integrated with our ATS, Ceipal’s workforce management system streamlines back-office processes. Tracking statutory documents and work authorizations, Ceipal creates paperless solutions to simplify every aspect of employee management, ensuring your workers are always authorized and you’re always in compliance.

Never pay for another integration

Ceipal integrates with all standard job boards, productivity apps, VMSs, and social media platforms at no additional cost. To date, we’ve partnered with +100 key technology platforms. If you need a particular integration, just tell us. Our development team releases new features every month, with a 40-day request turnaround.