Double Placements with Ceipal’s Recruitment Ecosystem 

Use Ceipal’s robust ecosystem & advanced open-sourced platform to make more placements in less time.

The Ceipal Impact

Open-Sourced Technologies
Quickly Modernizing ATS
30-Day Request Turnaround

The first ATS was founded +20 years ago. Since then, advances in technology have rapidly spurred the rate of change and innovation in the industry. Features like artificial intelligence, automated passive candidate sourcing, and managed resume harvesting have made recruiting more efficient, effective, and competitive than ever before. 

Unfortunately, not all ATS providers have kept up with the rate of change. Staffing firms that continue to use outdated candidate placement solutions will find themselves far behind the competition. At Ceipal, we prioritize our customers’ success – that’s why we’ve created the industry’s fastest modernizing ATS to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions.

The Challenge

Closed-Source Technologies

The older an ATS platform is, the more likely it was built on closed-source technologies. This means that users can’t copy, modify, or delete parts of the platform’s code without far-reaching consequences. And that means almost every product innovation requires a complete overhaul of the platform’s architectures, which results in a low number of feature releases and enhancements.

+20-year-old ATS platforms result in slow innovations and enhancements.

The #1 driver of innovation is the demand of the marketplace.

Unresponsive Customer Service

The number #1 driver of innovation is the marketplace. What do customers want? What would make their lives easier and their firms more productive? The best way to answer these questions is to maintain an active relationship with your customer base. The problem is, many ATS providers take their current customer pool for granted and do not prioritize customer service. As a result, these providers don’t know what the marketplace needs, and their ATS platform suffers for it.

Small Development Teams

Keeping up with the marketplace requires an investment of time and resources. For ATS providers, that means a large team of engineers and product developers, so the platform can continuously be updated and improved. Unfortunately, for most ATS providers, under 20% of their employees are dedicated to improving the product itself, which results in a sub-par product—plain and simple.

The average ATS dedicates less than 20% of their employees to improving their software.

The Ceipal Strategy

With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, Ceipal prioritizes the needs and requests of its customers. Every client has a dedicated account manager, to whom they can raise any new feature requests. And, if the request is urgent enough, Ceipal’s development team responds within 30 days. The team also responds to urgent requests within a 48-hour period, so the product is constantly updated based on customer feedback.

With +150 product developers on staff, Ceipal has been recognized as the fastest modernizing ATS. And, our feature capabilities are ranked the highest in the industry. Every month, Ceipal releases a new round of product updates, based on customer requirements and industry trends.

The Ceipal Solution

CRM Designed for Staffing Firms

Ceipal offers one of the industry’s only fully-native and fully-equipped CRM as part of our candidate placement solutions. With Ceipal, recruiters can customize and automate workflows, track all customer interactions, communicate across teams, and track progress. Other ATS providers offer CRM integrations (at an upcharge). Ceipal is the only ATS that provides a fully-fledged, in-house CRM tailored to the recruitment industry’s needs.

Business Development

Fully-Integrated HRIS

The Ceipal platform offers an all-in-one integrated workforce management system for staffing firms. With Ceipal’s HRIS, recruiters can house employee information, manage timesheets and expenses, track immigration and compliance, and gauge their agency-wide progress.

Total Talent Management Solutions

Ceipal Procurewise, Ceipal’s proprietary VMS offering, is a flexible, powerful, and user-friendly vendor management system empowering staffing firms, corporations, and MSPs with tools to manage their suppliers. Integrating with any ATS or CRM, Ceipal Procurewise offers solutions for contingent staffing, SOW services, direct sourcing, and workforce diversity. 

Built-In SMS Platform

TextToHire, another one of Ceipal’s sister companies, is a fully scalable texting platform for recruitment and staffing professionals, directly available within the Ceipal platform. Combining the power of real-time communication, personalized conversation, and automated outreach, TextToHire helps recruiters engage talent and offer candidate placement solutions while providing +50% savings.