Total Talent Management Solutions

Seamlessly manage both full-time & part-time employees with Ceipal’s TTM solutions.

Total Talent Management Solutions

Total Talent Management with CEIPAL infographic

Seamlessly manage both full-time & part-time employees with Ceipal’s TTM solutions.

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Contingent Staffing

Contingent staffing

Take advantage of today’s growing gig economy and effectively leverage your contingent workforce. With Ceipal Procurewise, you can find external candidates, compare supplier rates side-by-side, and maintain employee and vendor compliance – all while tracking profitability from one platform.

Direct sourcing 

Find the direct hires that will accelerate your team’s success. Ceipal’s AI-powered platform equips you with tools to identify and capture your ideal candidate, from personalized job recommendations to passive candidate sourcing. Plus, Ceipal automates the process of candidate outreach and engagement so you’re constantly building your own personalized talent cloud. 

Direct Sourcing

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Statement of Work Agreement

SOW services 

Manage the entire SOW lifecycle to streamline project execution. From complete visibility into project costs to ensuring milestone delivery to managing worker timesheets and requests, Ceipal Procurewise offers an end-to-end solution for your project needs. The platform even automatically tracks worker compliance, allowing you to mitigate risks and follow regulations.

Secure vendor compliance

Protect your organization from risk and security breaches with total vendor compliance solutions. With Ceipal Procurewise, you can collect, organize, and verify compliance documents from all suppliers, as well as qualify suppliers before contracts are finalized and protect all sensitive data from one platform. Ensure your company is always following regulations.