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Hetal Parikh

President, Rangam

Hetal Parikh is the Co-Founder and President of Rangam, a high-performing diverse supplier of enterprise-wide staffing, consulting, payroll, and onboarding services. By developing a culture of inclusion, appreciation, cooperation, and collaboration, Hetal has built a team of professionals she is proud of. Together, they support their clients and customers with the highest level of quality services and resources. She leads the organization, develops processes, and builds relationships with diverse business leaders to expand Rangam’s business in the US and abroad.

Disability inclusion is weaved into the fabric of Rangam’s culture. Hetal’s care for individuals with unique abilities is channeled through Rangam Technologies (formerly WebTeam Corporation) that develops various intervention and job skills training programs. They include (1) ColorsKit for early intervention, data collection, and vocational skills training, (2) The Spectrum Careers for employment assistance to job-seeking individuals who are the autism spectrum, and (3) SourceAbled to facilitate the coordination and management of hiring people with unique abilities while bridging the gap between candidates, disability support agencies, and businesses.

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