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Scott Montminy

Director of Marketing and Communications, Ceipal Corp.

Armed with years of management experience in the communications space, Scott leads and oversees Ceipal's marketing presence as the Director of Marketing and Communications.

Before joining Ceipal, Scott cofounded both MindLaunch Media, a communications and content marketing consultancy, and Across the Board Productions (ATB), a syndicated radio content and advertising network. He also served as Vice President at InkHouse, a top-ranked U.S. public relations agency, where he led client efforts for aerospace and defense contractor Raytheon as well as various cybersecurity players and high-tech startups. A graduate of Syracuse University with a double bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and political science, Montminy’s storytelling career began as a news reporter and anchor for various radio and television outlets in some of the largest U.S. media markets.

Scott resides in New Hampshire with his wife and five children. When he’s not working, he enjoys fishing, coaching basketball, playing guitar, and spending time with his family.

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