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Recruiters can now post job opportunities directly from Ceipal ATS to their company's LinkedIn profile

ATS – Social Media Integration

By having Ceipal and LinkedIn connected, you’re able to market and post jobs across those social channels with the simple click of a button, without needing to log into every account. Say goodbye to copy and paste and hello to job posting productivity.

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Ceipal and LinkedIn

Our integration with LinkedIn’s Apply Connect lets Ceipal users engage with and screen applicants via LinkedIn without ever leaving their ATS platform. In addition, applicants are able to use their LinkedIn profile to apply for any job posted by a Ceipal customer using Apply Connect.

Ceipal’s LinkedIn integration via Apply Connect empowers its users with the ability to:

  • Post jobs from Ceipal to LinkedIn in real-time
  • Allow candidates to apply to jobs from any device without leaving LinkedIn
  • Get an application from LinkedIn delivered directly to Ceipal’s talent acquisition platform
  • Incorporate screening questions from Ceipal’s platform directly into LinkedIn applications
  • View real-time LinkedIn profiles, an applicant’s LinkedIn skills data, and other insights without ever leaving Ceipal’s talent acquisition platform
  • Send application status updates to candidates with automated notifications

Find better, qualified candidates through our LinkedIn Apply Connect integration.

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Used to using other Social Media channels?

Not only does Ceipal integrate with LinkedIn, but it also enables you to work with other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and TextToHire.

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Seamless Automation

It’s now quicker than ever to get the word out about your open position by sharing it on social media. Ceipal’s direct integration between your ATS and various social media channels exists to make your hiring process as comprehensive as possible. This means you can make more informed hiring decisions without needing to navigate away from your productive work environment.

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Candidate Information

Ceipal allows your organization to maximize it’s recruiting reach by integrating the social networks of current users and candidates with the ATS. All users in your Ceipal account can easily post jobs to their Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn accounts. Post them in real-time or schedule when you want to push to social, all without leaving the platform.

Note: Ceipal is not an official representative of these programs/services and makes no claims as to their effectiveness. The integrations that we provide are merely for your convenience.

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