Our Verified First integration enables recruiters to reduce the amount of data entry needed for background checks, streamlining the hiring process.

ATS – Productivity App Integration

Verified First streamlines background screening so staffing professionals can remove repetitive tasks from their hiring and onboarding processes. With this one-click integration, users can easily order, review, and manage Verified First’s background screening solutions all within Ceipal.

Verified First is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and NIST 800-53 compliant.

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Ceipal and Verified First

Our integration with Verified First simplifies and accelerates the hiring process by enabling recruiters to reduce the amount of data entry needed for background checks.

Verified First offers:

  • easy integration, which reduces data entry and saves time
  • rapid turnaround time for most clear searches
  • a client care team with a 98% satisfaction rating
  • competitive pricing: no commitment, no minimums

and more!

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Used to using other Productivity Apps?

Not only does Ceipal offer integration with Verified First, but it also enables you to work with dozens of other productivity apps like FreJun, QuickBooks, TextToHire, and more.

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Process Improvement

All aspects of work can be improved once productivity applications are introduced to the flow. You save time by being able to control everything from one platform and save money by having all employees be more productive. But, our ATS doesn’t just let you connect one app, you can connect dozens of them so different teams across the company can work together to recruit new candidates, manage clients and vendors, or even oversee finances and productivity. Ceipal’s integrations are here to improve all of your processes.


Seamless Automation

Ceipal’s direct integration between your ATS and various productivity apps exists to make your entire workday more efficient. Not only do numerous integrations eliminate manual data entry, they also remove the need to leave your work platform to check emails, perform interviews, or communicate with clients/candidates. Let automation bring together all of the tools you need so you can spend less time remembering passwords, switching between windows, and using your phone.

Note: Ceipal is not an official representative of these programs/services and makes no claims as to their effectiveness. The integrations that we provide are merely for your convenience.

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