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Ceipal Integrates LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect To Help Recruiters Hire Faster

Ceipal Integrates LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect To Help Recruiters Hire Faster

New Integration Enables Ceipal Users To Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

ROCHESTER, NY — September 13, 2023 — Ceipal, ​​the industry-leading, AI-powered total talent acquisition platform, has integrated LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect into its applicant tracking system (ATS) to help users hire qualified candidates faster. The LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration gives Ceipal users the ability to conserve time and streamline the recruiting workflow by integrating consistent, real-time data from LinkedIn Recruiter into the Ceipal ATS. 

Analysis has found that the Recruiter System Connect integration saves recruiters on average three-plus hours per week. As a result, the Recruiter System Connect integration enables Ceipal users to boost their productivity and efficiency by viewing up-to-date candidate records, enhancing collaboration and the overall candidate experience, and seeing more applicant  insights directly in LinkedIn Recruiter. 

“We continue to deepen and expand our longstanding partnership with LinkedIn to provide our users with another advantageous integration that will help them uplevel their recruiting strategies,” said Ceipal Founder and CEO Sameer Penakalapati. “Our users will find that LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect integration will enable them to quickly identify and engage with top talent, develop strong relationships with them, and place them in unique and exciting opportunities.” 

With the Recruiter System Connect integration, Ceipal users can make better, more informed decisions by receiving access to more candidate insights to validate skills and experience. They can also better collaborate with increased team visibility into candidate history and notes to minimize duplicate outreach and personalize the recruiting process.  

“Partnering with Ceipal helps to further streamline the candidate hiring experience,” says Larry Nelson, Senior Director, Business Development at LinkedIn. “We will continue to work closely with Ceipal to provide solutions that deliver even more value for both customers and members.”

Ceipal also integrates with LinkedIn’s Apply Connect, which helps streamline the job posting and application process. Ceipal users can engage with and screen applicants via LinkedIn without leaving their ATS. Applicants can use their LinkedIn profile to apply for any job posted by a Ceipal customer using Apply Connect. 
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Ceipal is a scalable, AI-driven, total talent acquisition platform that provides visibility across all channels and sources while organizing your data into a single talent ecosystem. With the power of advanced automation and artificial intelligence, Ceipal’s industry-leading ATS and CRM capabilities empower you to efficiently identify, assess, engage, hire, and onboard the best talent. Ceipal Procurewise, our native and fully integrated VMS platform, provides unmatched capabilities for your HR, corporate procurement teams, and MSPs to source, manage, and engage contingent staffing, direct sourcing, and statement of work vendors and workers. Ceipal enables you to integrate, manage, and improve the entire talent acquisition lifecycle, so you can simplify, scale, and transform any high-growth business into a diverse talent powerhouse. Welcome to the new frontier of talent acquisition.