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Bulk Parsing in Gmail Add-On

Bulk Parsing in Gmail Add-On

Did you know that you could parse high volumes of resumes directly from Gmail attachments? This means you get to avoid the long, tedious process of downloading, saving, and then uploading it on your applicant tracking system (ATS). In other words, you can save a lot of time and focus more on the important things.

Let’s take a deeper dive into exactly what we mean here.

As a recruiter, you are constantly thinking about ways to minimize the lengthy, manual tasks from your day-to-day lives so you can focus more on human-to-human interactions and relationship-building activities with potential candidates. For example, your day usually starts off by you checking your email with an eye-opening amount of new messages, with a majority of them being resumes from potential candidates. This could be from job boards, directly from candidates, or even from external consultant agencies that you work with. Imagine this monotonous start of your day – individually downloading these resumes and parsing each and every one of them in order to add the candidate to your system. This would take away a lot of your productive time, for almost no purpose. 

Ceipal understands this and has enabled an option of bulk parsing for recruiters, directly from their inboxes! 

Ceipal’s Bulk Parsing 

Ceipal lets you create applicants directly into your ATS with a single click of a button (directly from your Gmail inbox). As we know, recruiters deal with hundreds of resumes everyday. With this feature, recruiters can parse multiple resumes and minimize the time needed to complete this task in only a few minutes. 

We understand that everyday is also a little different, so we ensured that there are many personalized options on how exactly you’d like to use this feature, whether it means adding all the resumes that pop up in your inbox, or only a select few, or even having the option to determine which candidates are added to your ATS with your official confirmation.

Adding Documents

As part of compliance, you would need to maintain multiple document records for each candidate. Now, imagine what happens when a handful of candidates send you multiple documents attached to each of their individual emails. You will have to follow the tedious process of downloading, uploading, and sorting them in your ATS, filing them based on their names and respective document type. 

CeipaL’s inherent integration with Gmail offers you unparalleled productivity and freedom to interact directly with the ATS from your inbox, whether it’s a candidate’s resume or even other documents. No matter what your preferred browser is, you’ll be able to transfer vital candidate information directly to their profile with the Gmail add-on. You can even add important attachments like cover letters – all without even needing to log into Ceipal.

Take your recruiting game to the next level, thanks to Ceipal. Want a closer look at how exactly this all works? Check out the video below.

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